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Thank you notes

I'm in the process of writing my thank you notes. I had a few guests attend the shower that did not bring a gift. Do I send them a thank-you for attending?

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Re: Thank you notes

  • Yes. Thank them for coming and sharing the day with you, you enjoyed seeing them etc

  • Etiquette wise, no you don't need to. But it could be a nice gesture.

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  • I would thank them for coming via the phone.

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  • At my wedding this one distant family member attended. I could swear her name was on a card with certain gift & I thanked. After back from honeymoon she made a big effort to find where we lived & she bought us a gift. I must have mixed up who gave what, etc. just don't make your guests guilty on purpose!!
  • I know for wedding thank you cards you aren't supposed to but it could be different for showers?  I think I would just call them or something.  As others pointed out sending a thank you card can sometimes only draw attention to their lack of gift.
  • No. I thanked them for coming when they left the shower. I think sending a thank you card makes it seem like you're drawing attention to the fact that they didn't get you a gift. They might feel guilted into getting you a gift and that would be tacky.
  • I would definitely send every guest a thank you card. They attended for you and I definitely would thank them for coming and that you appreciate they took the time to celebrate with you:)
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