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Baby prepping aka "Nesting"....

At what point do you/did you begin nesting? Washing clothes, prepping diapers (cloth), prepping freezer meals, etc...

I *really* want to go ahead and begin because I'm so ready but the nursery isn't finished yet. SO still has to stain and seal the floor which could take a few weeks. I was thinking of washing the baby clothes I have so far and prepping diapers. Baby's dresser is in my dining room at the moment because I bought it last weekend at ikea and we put it together but no where to put it! I may go ahead and start putting clothes in the dresser since "when are you going to work on the floors?" isn't enough of a hint to get the shit done.

Re: Baby prepping aka "Nesting"....

  • With DD I think it was at about 30 weeks. We had the nursery painted and the furniture all put together and arranged. That's when I started washing clothes, stocking up on diapers and wipes, deep cleaning the whole house, and stocking up on hamburger helper and goulash since, 1. )those are really the only meals DH knew how to cook back then, 2.) They are easy for him, 3.) And neither one of us minded eating those over and over when learning how to be a new parent, and 4.) Because my family also planned to bring us some meals as well, so there was still a variety lol

    I actually had everything done and ready at 35 weeks which ended up being a good thing since DD came 2 weeks later.
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  • I think mine hit a couple months ago and I worked like crazy for about a week but now I don't have much to do since I got so much done all at once. The work mostly involved cleaning out a ton of junk from the baby's room and throwing it out, organizing it all, etc. and then cleaning the room really well. I'm not really doing any decorating though because I am going to move this summer. I wish I could paint the room and stuff but it seems pointless for just a couple months. Maybe there is still more I should be doing but I'm not sure....
  • I'm starting to clean out and throw crap away.. Had painters in today to give me a quote on painting our interior, and we're ordering the crib tomorrow.
    I'd say nesting has started, right at 27 weeks.
  • I don't think I've fully begun yet at 26 weeks.  I still need to clean some things out of the baby's room and clean the inside of the closet out.  We have a painter coming in a week or so to paint the baby's room and a few other areas.  I did order the crib today (thanks Grandma!) that should arrive just after the painting is done.  I need to find a dresser still. 
  • I don't get to set up a nursery because we don't have another bedroom, but I am itching to start "prepping." My desire right now is to do a massive throw-everything-away weekend.  Just get rid of all the crap that doesn't get used in the house.  I will start re-prepping diapers soon, because that takes time (I CD'ed my DD 5 years ago, so I need to re-strip them all).  I also need to go through all the baby clothes from her and decide what's worth keeping and what to donate, since they will be totally opposite seasons.  Maybe wait on your clothing prep til you can hang them in the nursery closet? Otherwise, they might just pile up.  My DH and I have started making a list of the foods we want to freezer-prep, and will probably do a weekend cooking marathon in March so there isn't a ton of time to get freezer-burn or forget what we have.  

  • I had my big shower at 32 weeks for DD and started right after that. I wanted to wait until that was over because I figured I would just be doing some of the same things again
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  • We haven't worked on our nursery yet but I have been cleaning everything else. Going through throwing things away

    Me- 25,DH-28


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  • I've already started on the boys bedroom. Our 20 month still sleeps in our room so the kids room has become a bit of a nightmare. I'm throwing out all the stuff I used with our 1st and getting rid of the rest. I'll purge even further soon as I don't want to keep the same amount of clothes as it takes up too much space. I'll just do more laundry. I need to strip our diapers too. I have a list of freezer food to make as well.
  • Forgot to add.... I'll be going on mat leave around 32 weeks (currently 26) so I will probably go nuts with the cleaning then too.
  • If we were at our own place, I would be nesting galore. But we don't move for two more weeks!!! Ah, the wait is killing me!
  • I'm not nesting yet but I am now writing down everything I need to do and organize that in a schedule until he arrives. For example, what i need to go buy (we have most everything we need but not everything), paint the nursery, deep cleaning, washing clothes and diapers, organize his clothes, freezer meals, etx. With DS we had the room ready at 30 weeks but that weird actual nesting feeling where I cleaned the heck out of my house and did weird grocery shopping (cans galore - think end of the world type of food lol) happened the night before labor started. That's what I call nesting hah!
  • I've had the nursery set up since before I was done with the 1st trimester. All my diapers are prepped and stuffed, and I wash clothing and hang/fold as I get it.
    I don't think it has anything to do with nesting, I just always want to be as prepared as possible.
    Plus 4 years of infertility before I could afford IVF allowed me to buy nursery furniture as I found great deals at garage sales or mom to mom sites... So I've had everything but the glider before I was even pregnant. I just set up a nursery for my new nieces and nephews to use when parents came to visit. I redecorated for my impending child.

    I hope your floors are finished soon so you can start when you feel up to it!
  • I can't do anything with the baby's room because it's not ready yet. :( We're waiting for our extra two bedrooms to be finished being built before we can switch kids around and the nursery can finally be free. I have everything I need for baby, but it's all stuffed in a closet. I did manage to organize and wash her clothes. I have a long list of things to get done around the house that I've been working on. Like purging and organizing making freezer meals, packing my hospital bag and my kids' go-bags for when I go into labor. 
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  • I was just informed my baby shower is going to be Feb 13th, so I'll be able to scratch the nesting itch around then! So far any spare money I've found has gone straight to baby stuff lol
  • Started cleaning and organizing all the junk out of what will be the nursery...but I'm fairly sure that at this point, all the busy work has been to distract myself from how freaking terrified I am of becoming a mom, not actual nesting.
  • I'm so anxious to get my hospital bag packed. Feeling like I need it now but only 26 weeks! Other than that just super cleaning. Baby won't have a nursery until next summer. Going to switch DD into a new room (bc that's easier than moving the furniture). So as much as I want to do the nursery and fun stuff I have to wait. I did have hubby paint another space so maybe that is my version of nesting this time.
  • Nothing here yet, we haven't even purchased anything for the baby. I guess when we return from our vacation in two weeks it would be a good time to start. Although I wasn't planning on ordering the crib until after the baby is born. This way my sister would have a place to sleep while she stays with us the first week or two when baby comes home. Hmmmmmm.
  • I have been DYING to start my "nesting" phase. Unfortunately I can't until my landlady takes care of my rodent infestation problem. They live in the walls and can gain access to inside my house through a hole in the wall in what will be the baby's room. So right now his dismantled crib is downstairs and the rest of his things are being stored in my room. It's driving me crazy!!
  • I want to!  Unfortunately, a lot of what I want to do depends on getting other things done first, and some of those other things require either my husband's participation, or just for him to do the work himself.  Given that the things I need from him are not super pressing, and he has actually been working long hours and otherwise taking care of things that need to be done at the moment, I'm practicing patience. For now, anyway.
  • Our current nursery will continue to be the nursery for this baby, but we need to seriously think about if and how we'll put our DDs in the same room. I'm thinking bunk beds, but I don't want to move DD2 until baby is here. As for freezer prep, I've made my first list of meals, so now I just have to make shopping lists and a meal prep calendar for myself, not to mention doing the big store trip. All of our baby clothes and nb cloth diapers are still in the attic. I'll probably bring those down around 32wks, washing the gender neutral ones and leaving piles of girl/boy clothes for DH to do while I'm on my "hospital vacation."
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  • We have turned our dining room into a playroom\baby nook. I've washed everything I have and stored it away in baby's dresser but I'm beginning to get ancy!
  • I officially started nesting yesterday :) I am organizing the kids room because I plan on them sharing once the baby is out of the bassinet. I took out the NB clothes, bought a few things and I plan on starting to stock up on supplies and clipping coupons. I am just over 25 weeks pregnant :)
  • I compiled my to-do list and emailed a photographer today. That's about it so far. DD is at the ILs next weekend, so hopefully we can be super productive then in the nursery. It's hard to get that stuff done since DD's either awake and not capable of being around wet paint, or sleeping in said nursery ;)
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  • I think the nesting bug has started hitting me today. I have an overwhelming need to purge belongings in our house and got really anxious about my hospital bag.
  • I went through DD's clothes and pulled out the neutral stuff. It was hard work and I'm exhausted ha. DH is breaking out our diapers and washing them this week so I know what else to order.

    We need to go to ikea in the next month to buy a dresser. Once we have that, I'll wash some clothes. That'll probably be the last weekend of January.

    We will bring up the bassinet and big stuff probably around 36 weeks.

    We will scrub the house ourselves around 36/37 weeks and hopefully hire someone around 39 weeks before my parents come.
  • The nesting bug kind of hit this weekend - got some art up on the walls in the nursery, bought a mattress, and started organizing the closet area of the nursery. Also bought Free & Clear detergent/dry sheets so I could start washing LO's clothes. I think it will really hit after the baby shower (Feb 27th) because then we will know exactly what we still need. Another biggie for me will be installing the car seat - once that bad boy is in, I'll be marking off the days like an inmate halfway through a 20 year sentence.
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  • @AEG84 too true! Once we get it and get it in, our plan is to just leave the base in there. We were in an accident last year, and I was SO glad I didn't have my nephew's car seat when we got hit!!
  • 25 weeks here and still nothing. I just don't have the energy to do it and I keep thinking I have lots of time. I have some gift cards from Christmas that I'm saving to buy baby clothes and I'm also going to be either selling off DD's baby clothes at Once Upon a Child in exchange for baby boy clothes or I'll sell them at a B/S/T facebook group. I need to get my room in order so we can fit baby and his things in there and my clothes are EVERYWHERE in piles. Just not ready, no desire to get ready, I just want to sleep.
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  • @rebelone....my room is the EXACT same.  The spot for the crib is my laundry spot.  But then there are a few other spots that have popped up....no motivation to put them away.  Maybe I can light a fire under my tail and get it knocked out this week! Maybe....

  • My husband and I were off work the week between Christmas and New Years so we kinda of forced ourselves into nesting that week. Our spare bedroom was painted and all of the furniture that was in the now nursery was moved into the other room, the nursery was painted, and our crib & dresser/changing table were put together. And a TON of stuff was thrown out. I still need to go through the closet in the nursery, but I haven't wanted to tackle that yet. Any clothing I've been gotten, I've just thrown in a drawer for now. I'll probably start washing it after my shower on March 12. 
  • With my first, it was around 30 weeks I think? 

    I already have the nursery painted and the furniture set up for this one.  Over the weekend I really wanted to get clothes washed and hung up / put away, but I decided I needed to get hangers first (me procrastinating).  I went on bed rest at 34 weeks with DS and had to finish in a hurry, so I'd like to get it done before I get near that point again.

    I have a crap ton of Rubbermaid totes full of clothes that were passed on to me, so I need to dig those out, go through them, wash them, and put them away.  It's a huge task.

  • My in laws are living with us right now, not sure when they will be out, they can't get approved for home loan and having problems finding rentals. I am going crazy not having enough room for anything, and everyone's stuff is everywhere. I am so afraid that I will come unhinged and have a hormonal freak out :(
  • I feel like a slacker. 28 weeks and zero nesting going on. In fact, we are about to start a home reno (EEEK!)- gutting the hall bathroom, doing some minor work in the nursery and gutting our TV room. I just hope the contractors can stick to schedule :)
  • I got the nesting bug hard after the holidays, but we are moving in February so I can't buy or set anything up yet. Last week I became obsessed with picking out all the nursery furniture and decor online though. I literally looked at rugs for like 4 hours, and woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it. So weird! I have chosen just about everything now and even made a little picture collage so I feel much less anxious, hah! Can't wait until next month to get to work.
  • I bit DH's head off last night because I said the nesting bug was making me go insane (we are moving at the start of March) and he said "yeah, me too.  That's been really hard lately."  I asked if he even knew what nesting was and he said "It's wanting to hold him, right?"  No!!!!!!  I want to hold him too, but here I was thinking that hubby was excited to get to WORK and then have my hopes dashed...
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  • I really want to get stuff done but pretty much done zero to date. This time last pregnancy we had nursery painted and furniture put In room. Future nursery is full of junk and guest bedroom furniture which we'll start moving out to new home next weekend. My mom is supposed to come out at the end of the month to paint. I'll order nursery furniture in the next couple of weeks for pick up. I'm not too worried because I know it'll get done but feels like a lot to do.
  • I would say my nesting started after the holiday. I washed a bunch of clothes and have everything put in baskets until the furniture arrives. They said 10-12 weeks
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