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Help! Baby awake till 3am

ssolis06ssolis06 member
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The holidays have ruined our nighttime routine and now dd has been staying up till 3 am and mama is exhausted. She is capable of sleeping through the "night" because she'll drink milk around 6-7am and sleep until 1 or 2pm! Thats 8 hrs straight, grrr...she has totally traded night for day and I don't know how to switch her back. I am so tired and I have a 2 year old (who is also waking at night) who requires my attention during the day when I'm working off of 3 hrs of sleep. Please help, what are some tips to get back on track with my 7 month old???
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Re: Help! Baby awake till 3am

  • marijaa333marijaa333 member
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    You poor thing!

    Wake her up earlier and earlier every day (e.g. work your way from 1pm to 7am in 30 minute increments over 10-14 days), and keep her in a quiet, dark room at night (perhaps start at 11 or midnight and work your way back to 7pm).  I wish you both (all three!) good luck and sleep. 
  • Thanks marijaa33, I'll try that. I definitely keep her in her room at night when so she knows she's supposed to be sleeping but I'm confined to the glider for the night and she's wide long should I let her nap during the day??
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  • They need about 13-14 hours in a 24 hour period now, so I guess naps would depend on how long the "nighttime" stretch is.  You could move the naps up in increments along with the bedtime, and could, for example have two naps of 45-120 minutes each, one about 90 minutes after she wakes up and another between 2 and 4 hours after the end of the previous nap.
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