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Anyone else at the idgaf stage???

It's almost noon and I am still laid up in the bed and just thinking about how I absolutely have to go to the grocery today. It becomes a debate when I think about getting up fixing my hair finding some clothes to fit and possibly putting some makeup on this acne covered face! I am just over it. If I'm gonna have gas,heartburn and Ms on a daily basis I'm not gonna try to look like some beauty queen. It's just disappointing bc my idea of looking pregnant was not hair on top of head,no make up, my hubby's over sized t shirt and sweats on.. but I just can't make myself care right now.. at this point this is the way I'm rolling. Is anyone else in this ridiculous awkward stage?

Re: Anyone else at the idgaf stage???

  • My husband teases me all the time cause I seriously dgaf about ANYTHING really anymore. I used to be very modest about dressing and f's given there anymore. I used to have to wear makeup and would never leave the house with granny panties on......dgaf anymore and don't wear makeup on the weekends anymore and take it off as soon as I get home and could care less about panty lines anymore cause they're comfy as hell lol. I've been in serious idgaf stage for several weeks now. 
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  • I've been on Christmas break for the last 2 weeks, & I have found it hard to put much effort into my appearance daily. I'm so happy just lounging in my yoga pants or PJs. DH wants to get dressed up for dinner just seems exhausting, lol. Next week is going to be such an adjustment heading back to work & having to look more alive each day. 
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  • @scotten that's a great idea :).  I'm going to a pretty casual one and may well change into pjs part-way through.

  • Yup! I haven't worn pants other than leggings in over a month.
  • Lol! I barely get dressed at all! Laying naked in bed on my Snoogle right now! I work 3 long days a week, that's the only time I get dressed.
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  • I've worn leggings or yoga pants to work for the last 2 weeks. I don't even care. I sit behind a desk all day. No one can see my legs. I also don't remember the last time I wore make up. Whoops.

  • So there. DH forrrrrced me to get up and go shopping with him and I ended up buying 6 tunics. I am going to rotate them with leggings for the rest of my pregnancy. It'll look like I don't own any other clothes but IDGAF.
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  • Yes Im currently in that stage but I think Im starting to come out of it a bit as my morning sickness is getting better. However hubby ordered me a snoogle and the real IGAF stage may begin once I can actually lay in bed comfortably.  ;) 
  • That's the stage I lived in anyway lol

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  • Sent this to my SO so he know what to expect me in when I get to the party. It's not really a party, the guys are watching football and the girls are joining later.
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  • I love everything about this thread!
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  • Zero fucks given over here ... I saw my reflection today and was horrified haha

    I'm at a point where I'm not going to places I don't want to go, not putting up with crap (other than what I have to at work) and eating what I want.

    I'm also a FTM so I have the luxury of sleeping 10 hours a night ....
  • The struggle is real during the week to put on work clothes, which consist of leggings and loose dress shirts and a giant oversized sweater at this point, but I still prefer my pj's and no bra. I used to be what men referred to (annoyingly) as "thick" I just look like a blob most of the time. IDGAF.
  • Just this week my pants are getting slightly uncomfortable. They still fit fine, but are tighter around the hips than I like. This combined with a sick tummy that seems to be getting worse instead of better, is making me more lazy in my appearance. I still make the effort if I'm going somewhere, but on Thursday it was just me and the kids cleaning and playing at home, and I wore leggings until right before dh got home. I also went to the store with wet hair and without makeup the other night, which is very unlike me.
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  • Linsbins said:

    Yup! I haven't worn pants other than leggings in over a month.

    Samesies. I bought a pair of maternity leggings from target around 8 weeks and haven't looked back.
  • I'll just say my biggest motivator is food. Always hungry. ALWAYS.
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  • gauge1234  we need to be best friends lol

    I literally roll out of bed every day for work, frizzy split ends and all. A baggy hoodie and an IDGAF scowl is the only must-have for me right now lol

    Plus, thank you watkins3  for reassuring me that it is totally ok to want to punch your SO for being able to sleep ;)

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  • I'm in the shopping for sweaters long enough that I can wear leggings as pants to work phase.
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  • I've been drinking a gallon of darigold chocolate milk (the whole fat kind none of that 1% nonsense) weekly. IDGAF it's basically health food.
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