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Placenta Pervia Continues

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Hey, I'm looking for advice from STM who had Placenta Pervia. I had an U/S last week and got the results yesterday. The placenta is 1cm from my cervix. I go back in 3 weeks for another U/S to check for any movement. So my question is at what point am i in the clear to have a vaginal birth? Is it like 5cm away or what is the deciding factor to not have to have a C-section? Did you experience any bleeding prior? 

These questions would have been asked yesterday but i saw a step-in dr yesterday who wasn't familiar with me/situation and i didn't feel like she cared and just kept saying wait till your next U/S. 

Also anyone else who is currently going through this, what has your experience been thus far?

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Re: Placenta Pervia Continues

  • Anything more than 2 cm is what I was told. I had it with my last and it had moved by my 30 week u/s. Good luck!!
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  • @cmerribury  Oh that makes me feel a bit better. i was 28 weeks at the last U/S, so hopefully the next one will put me at ease. I do not want to go through the healing process of a c-section

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  • No advice, but I crossing my fingers for you to be able to have a safe vaginal birth! Sounds like your super close, and still have enough time for that placenta to move along.
  • I'll keep my finders crossed for you :) we found mine moved by my 30 week u/s as well.
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  • My friend's just moved at 33wks.  It is a freaking miracle, they knew it was there since the first trimester and were fully prepared for a c-section, now they feel a little unprepared to do it the natural way.  I have my crossables crossed for you.
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  • I still have 4 more weeks to wait for my 30 week follow up U/S. After the initial google/webMD rabbit hole, I calmed down. But I think I have also kind of settled on the idea of a C-Section, and have this fear of the unknown of a vaginal birth. 

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