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Bump Size

Just curious, do any of you noticed different bump sizes day to day? I feel really one day and then the next I feel smaller. I am guessing it depends on by bloating level. When I feel smaller, I start to wonder if baby is grown right :/

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  • My bump gets bigger whenever I'm bloated and it's rather uncomfortable. keeping in mind what week I'm on in pregnancy, my baby is only about the size of a grapefruit so it's not very big. I feel best when I am smaller, honestly because my mobility is better. As long as your doctor is not concerned about your size or the baby's, everything's going fine you shouldn't worry.
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  • Mine feels smaller in the morning and bigger at night. I figure it's a mixture of eating and gravity. 
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    Today I feel bigger t o morrow could be a different story...just depends on what I've ate or done that day.
  • I feel bigger at night and smaller in the morning. The scale always agrees with me. 
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  • Definitely a combination of bloat and LOs position. I can tell when he shifts a certain way because my bump stretches further and my skin gets extra tight/itchy. Usually I can then give him a little poke and he'll squirm around until I can breathe again :)
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  • Yea, all my HDBD pics are confusing when lined up in order :( granted, I never do them at the same time of day every week, they're different outfits that fit me differently, and some of them are post-meal and some are when I just woke up with nothing to eat. Probably normal even if I'm horrible at documenting this pregnancy lol
  • It really depends on DS2's position. He likes to shift from low to high, butt sticking out to butt sticking in, legs curled up to legs stretched out. I'm fairly petite, so the shift looks rather dramatic on me.


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  • Yes, and I think it has to do with position. I can feel high high up, or down low, and the position totally interferes with the bump size.
  • Yeah bloat plays a big role for me. Also the baby still has room to swim so sometimes she is up higher and sometimes she's hanging low, which also changes the shape of things.

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  • Amen! Me too!!
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