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NIPT/NT Ultrasound

Hello Ladies,
Has anyone on here got their NIPT labs and ultrasound done? I want to do it but I'm also very nervous about the results since it's not 100% accurate and there are lots of false positives/negatives.

Re: NIPT/NT Ultrasound

  • I haven't, but if you go on the birth month board for your due date there will likely be lots of other ladies with experience with it. Just remember to take the results with a grain of salt if they come back less than stellar. @lrpchubbs ;
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  • I did for my last pregnancy.  My OB talked me into it by telling me if they found anything, like a heart defect, then it would be really good information to have for an early intervention.  The heart doctor would go to every scan (or view the results after) and work as a team.  They would then be there for the birth...etc.
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