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I choose December 30.


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  • @babybluu I could settle for that as well! If I'm not dilated today I just MIGHT have a minor breakdown
  • So.... She's not coming today, I'm not even dilated at ALL!! :'(
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  • After reading some research on studies done by NIH, evidence based birthing, I've decided that he'll probably come like Jan 15. First timers it says average is 40+5 days. This baby is second baby, and the average is 40+3. DD was on dot 40+5!! With membrane stripping. Based on LMP edd was January 4th. Based on early dating scan January 12. And we plan membrane stripping for Jan 13, so that's the long answer for what I'm thinking! Ha! I still don't have my bag packed! But I got the car seat in!!
  • @brianna0915 I'm sorry. :( Hang in there darlin. I know it's nerve racking. Your babe will come soon enough.
  • @yvessaintlauren...my hubby isn't the only one thinking tax deduction!
  • @CBWifey not just tax deduction - I've had so much stress with my insurance. Long, LONG story but let's just say that currently I am terminated and they're supposed to be reinstating me (an error on their part). I already met my 1500 deductible with a bout of preterm labor and now it's looking like I will need to meet the new deductible as well on top of coinsurance. Out of pocket max is 5,000? I've been crying about the financial stress for weeks.
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  • @yvessaintlauren be sure to ask your accountant to see if there is anything he or she can do for you in terms of a deduction for out of pocket medical expenses. I had some friends that were able to get a little relief there.
  • I'm due 1/28 and I've told myself Valentine's Day for this boy lol. I think by that point my belly will only fit in my husband's tshirts :)
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