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I choose December 30.

Yep, that's when DD is going to be born. I keep getting overly jealous each time I see a new birth announcement on the board so I'm going to tell myself, and the little miss inside of me, that tomorrow is going to be her grand entrance.

Ok I might be living in a fairytale world but it works for me right now! (Also, I really do have a tiny feeling she's starting to get ready to come out)

So what are you telling yourself to get you through these last few days?? (I always tell my husband before we fall asleep "tonight's the night!" He thinks I'm going insane)

Re: I choose December 30.

  • ^ That is exactly what I do. I've had January 24 in my head so long sometimes I forget his DD is 1/10!
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  • jeanbug12 said:
    My due date is the 14th, but I am planning on him coming on the 28th. That way I will be pleasantly surprised when he comes earlier ☺
    Good thinking, Batman! 
    I've pretty much convinced myself that baby will be late so I don't think I'll be too expectant and anxious before the EDD (21st Jan). Part of me wants him to be a few days late too, I keep worrying I'm not ready! I have a couple baby crafting projects that aren't done yet, I was hoping to finish them before he arrives.
  • My twins were born early so I spent this whole pregnancy worried this one would come early too. Never was in a rush to get her out. I'm 39+2 now so full term and happy. :)

    My birthday is tomorrow so you picked a good one IMO op. Though I was almost 2 weeks late. My mom was pissed.
  • @mg137 happy early birthday! My birthday is the 31st (Thursday) and I was also 2 weeks late for my mom haha. I'm hoping maybe my little girl comes on my birthday!
  • Hahaha!!! I love that you're trying to will yourself into labor. I might start doing that in a week or two. I really don't know how I'll make it to 1/21 (or, God forbid, past that) even though it's only about 3weeks away.
  • I'm with pp. I'm due 1/6 but I tell myself he's coming 1/20 ( the latest my Dr will let me go). I've seen friends tortured by believing they would deliver any day and then wait 3 more weeks. I only wish I had told my friends and family 1/20. They're starting to drive me nuts.
  • My RCS is in 8 days (39+1). I've been in prodromal labor for over a month and I have had 3 different doctors tell me they don't think I will make it until then. It's agonizing to think that each day is the day. At least I know there is an end to this torture coming soon.
  • My edd is 1/28. I've wanted the 24th since I found out. Turns out they will induce me on that day, however I'm also hoping for 1/16 now. So I'm good with either. Bring on January.
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  • I am due on1/7 on tomorrow app I will be asking my Ob that if she can do induction on 1/1i want my baby on that day.....
  • I've been telling myself "any day now" for like, two weeks! I have no reason to expect an early arrival..I'm just impatient! I keep hoping I don't have to wait for 40 weeks due to my excitement, but I'm honestly expecting 41 weeks. That's the latest my doctor will let patients go. 
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  • My due date is 1/17 according to the dating scan... According to my LMP I should be due on Jan 13... My scheduled induction is for Jan 10. I have had January 3 in my mind for a long time and so we shall see how this pans it ;).
  • I'm due jan 28 so still some waiting to do. I'm hoping he holds out because DH wants to go back to work for a week or so after new years and that's a 6 hour drive away with no option for flying any quicker if he needs to get back asap. Plus my mom is scheduled to arrive Feb 11th so if he wants to arrive any time between 40&42 weeks I'd be happy. Although I've been having feelings he's going to arrive early.
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  • I'm due 1/28, but I'm hoping for a February birthday for my baby boy! Garnet is so ugly, I'd much rather amethyst for his birth stone... Is that horrible?? I have my mind set on 2/2...we shall see! I'm getting so anxious for him to be here though, I want him as soon as he's ready!!!
  • I'm right there with you. Last week at my appt I was at a 3 and 80%. The way the doc was talking I wouldn't make it to my next appt. We installed the car seat and had the bag packed in the car every time we went to my parents over the vacation. Well next appt was yesterday and still about the same.
  • I'm a FTM due 1/16 and have felt almost no signs of labor. Some slight cramping and a handful of Braxton hicks or what I think they are, so I'm fully expecting to go past our EDD. I'm content with the possibility of being pregnant for 3 more weeks, but may change my mind as the date gets closer. So far it hasn't been too terribly bad except for back and hip pain and sleeping in increments of 2-3 hrs. Hope all you ladies who are due this week get to meet your LOs soon!
  • I'm due 1/20, and for the longest time had the 18th stuck in my head, but I also came to terms with the fact that most first babies came late so I was planning on sticking it out at work till the 15th. Then with school holidays and supply hours come January Indecided to just start Mat leave early and rest and relax. Now I know I'm having a c-section for breech baby, so I should be having her the week of the 11th. One aspect of the c/s I'm thankful for, getting to know the date and getting to have her a week early and not having to go over due. Still waiting to hear back from the Dr. With a confirmed date.
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  • I had chosen tonight haha 39+1 but that does not seem likely. I am hoping for this week because I would like a December baby! I am ready to hold my little guy in my arms!!!
  • Oh god, I'm in so much pain today I can't imagine baby girl coming later than her due date (1/31.)  I know it's likely, since I'm a FTM, so I have to get through the next little bit in chunks.  I have my countdown to her due date (33 days) and that's all I'm thinking about having to make it to.  Then on her due date, I'll start a new countdown of like, 10-14 days, however long my dr will let me go.  If I combine the two now I'll go crazy!  ;)
  • Wish I would have seen this thread a week ago. Due date is 1/1 and I kept telling myself that was the day. But started having false labor pains last week and got my hopes up. Been expecting baby to come all weekend! Scheduled for an induction 1 week from today - but I hope we don't make it that long. I like this idea of willing oneself into labor. Going to try it. Thanks ladies!
  • I'm from the Dec15 boards, but I might end up having a January baby because my due date is today! However, the baby seems quite content. My doctor will let me go without an induction until 42 weeks, so Jan 12 might be the day (or sooner if she's ready!!)
  • I go back and forth... I'm due 1/18 and some days I'm totally ready to go into labor already, and some days I realize how much I need to get done before I have her! Ive been telling my clients that my last day will be 1/15, so Ive had 1/16 in my head as her birth day for a while now. As of right now, I'd be happy getting through this week and then hopefully I'll be prepared enough. :) no signs of labor at all though.
  • Garnet is prettier than the December birthstone!
  • @Knottie82382906 2/3 is better *wink wink* lol.
    I'm so torn with this baby! With my son, I thought for sure he was going to be super early. I ended up being induced the day after my EDD.
    Now with this stubborn little girl, we originally thought I'd go early. I've been having contractions since 22 weeks... But once I pulled myself from work, they've pretty much stopped. I'm due 1/9, and I'd love the tax break ;) but having two December birthdays, plus Christmas?! Oyyy. Gut feeling says she's going to end up being induced late like big brother.

    Stubborn kids. They must get it from their daddy...
  • haha I love both garnet and amethyst... I've always been a big fan of amethyst, but garnet is becoming more and more appealing :) 
  • Meg920 said:

    Garnet is prettier than the December birthstone!

    Aw I'm a December baby and I actually like my birth stone lol

  • I'm due the 17th and have been telling myself "any day now" simply because I'm impatient and excited and SOOOOOO ready to not be pregnant (I miss shaving and sushi and painting my toenails). But in all reality he'll probably be here like the 25th. Maybe PP have it right when they started telling themselves their edd is later than the one given. :persevere:
  • babybluu said:

    Meg920 said:

    Garnet is prettier than the December birthstone!

    Aw I'm a December baby and I actually like my birth stone lol

    I am a December baby too.. I don't hate it, but I think Garnet is prettier!
  • I said by 12/27.. It's now 12/30 and still no baby. No sign labor is near. EDD is 01/11.
    At this point im convinced he's going to be late. DH thinks he'll be born 01/01.
    I'm hoping its soon. This waiting game sucks. 38 weeks, 2days, STM, and by this time last pregnancy we were already home from the hospital.
  • Today is my day! She better get things rolling in there! So far... Nothing... But it's only 9am so she does have a little time! Lol I have a dr appt today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have progressed at least a LITTLE bit! Last week we weren't even dilated at all!!
  • Same boat. I'm due 1/9 and i was more dilated and effaced at this stage with my first. I'm really sad and discouraged. I was so hoping he'd be here in December for financial reasons.
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  • You know what, I choose today too. Actually I choose today to start labor, and tomorrow to birth this baby. Seems like a good day. 39+4 today so she can come any time. I'm gonna go for like a 45 mile walk today after my midwife appointment to get this kid out lol
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