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Husband has existing severe anxiety

Hi all!
My husband has struggled with severe depression and anxiety for as long as I've known him (over 10 years). He is on 2 medications (lowest dose available for both) to control it. It took about 5 years to find and adjust this combination to work for him. It is more difficult to manage in the winter as days are shorter and we are more confined. We are both anxious about how the birth of our first child with affect him. Do you think it would be out of line to ask his doctor to prescribe a precautionary 1 or 2 tablets of Xanax or something similar in case he ends up with a full blown anxiety attack?

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    I have had depression since I was a kid. My usual dose of Zoloft is 200MG but while I am pregnant I lowered it myself to 100mg. I have had my husband go with me to my appointments when the prescription needs adjusted so the doctor can hear not only from me but what my husband sees happening. Is your husband comfortable with you going with him to his next appointment? Also, like you said Xanax is one of those drugs that pill shoppers search out. Maybe your husband and the doctor would feel more comfortable with Clonipin. My father in-law has severe panic attacks and he is prescribed the Clonipin instead. He can normally calm himself down without it but he feels more in control knowing he has it as backup if necessary. I was offered Xanax a couple years ago for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD) but I declined it because of its addictive nature. Your husband may need a simple adjustment of his current meds too. I would go with him to his next appointment if he's willing to let you. Good luck.
    Edited to add the winter months are extremely hard on me as well. I know men think tanning beds are just for women but I always used tanning beds during the winter. Even once a week for 10 minutes really helped. This winter I am pregnant so I won't use the tanning beds, but it is worth a try.

Re: Husband has existing severe anxiety

  • I appreciate the quick reply! This is something we both have discussed. It was his idea as his PCP has given him prescriptions for it in the past during times where he feels overwhelmed (ie new job and moving). We live in an area where 'pill seekers' are rampant so he gets a bit anxious requesting additional help. I told him if he feels like it would be helpful then it couldn't hurt to ask. We just wanted others opinions if or suggestions on how new dads with severe anxiety coped with a new baby. Baby is very much wanted :-)
  • DH has bad anxiety and although he has weaned himself off them, he's glad he has a prescription just in case.
    Honestly though, we've done our best to manage his drug free. He does okay but we don't go out much.
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  • Hi! My husband developed anxiety and panic attacks while I was pregnant with our first. We made sure he had Xanax in his hospital bag as a "just in case." I think mostly he feels better knowing he has it if he needs it. As do I! I think he told me he did take one while we were in the hospital with our first (I didn't notice!). And a quick thing we learned from our hospital tour with our first - mothers will get all meds through the hospital (including prescription) but dads need to bring anything they may need (pharmacy won't dispense unless you are an admitted patient). So I think if either of you are concerned, talk to his PCP and don't feel bad about having some meds in case they are needed. It would be much harder to deal with him having severe anxiety when you need his support! And you never know how labor will go so it can be stressful for everyone. Best of luck! My hubby did way better through labor and the toughest newborn days than I ever could have hoped so I was grateful he made sure he could take care of himself so he could be there for us.
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