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dont feel pregnant

jkernickyjkernicky member
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does anyone else not have really any symptoms except occassional boob pain twitches and nausea throughout the day on most days?

im 11 weeks and besides the nausea i dont feel much different. the doc said as long as no bleeding no worry. i did have an odd discharge a few months ago it was a clearish pink brownish color and gel consistency sorry tmi. i called doc about it they said if it happens again to come in for an ultrasound but it hasnt happened since so thats good. im thinking the discharge was around time my period would come and that it was old menstrual blood? ive had cramping off and on but thats been going on for weeks now. doc said no worry unless bleeding.

maybe im just one of the lucky few that doesnt have any symptoms... or yet?

its freaking me out. i dont feel pregnant. hubby did say belly looked bigger though.

anyone else feel this way?

Re: dont feel pregnant

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