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Zipadee zip

Anyone tried the zipadee zip swaddle transition?! I just ordered one so I hope it works! We are trying to phase out the swaddle because he's about to roll back to belly, but he wasn't having it.

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  • I was not sure if I should order that or baby Merlin. I ordered merlin because it was on amazon and zipadeezip was not. Let me know if it works
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  • Both of you let me know! My baby is rolling (at least he is in a SwaddleMe which does allow him some movement if he does happen to roll) but will not and I mean NOT sleep without the Swaddle. I'm in need of something for sure! Are you at the 4 month mark? I think this 4 month thing is the pits! Between transitioning to the crib, weaning off the Swaddle, the sleep regression and teething I'm about to lose it! I'll buy whatever Amazon prime has to help haha
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  • My boy is about 4.5 months. His arms still flail everywhere without a swaddle so it's impossible to not have him swaddled. He's not quite rolling yet, but he's getting close. He is a horrible sleeper anyways, but the whole 4 month so far has been rough! I feel ya on being close to losing it :)
  • My little is 4 months 3 wks and he still flails without a swaddle. He just started rolling over so I'm worried. We have tried to transition him out of the halo sleep sack but between the 4 month sleep regression and teething I want him out of the sack like I want a hole in the head. I miss my sleep loving munchkin.
  • We use the Merlin sleep suit and I love it so much. Our guy never liked to be swaddled so crib sleeping was a nightmare until we got the sleep suit. Now, I feel like he's secure but can move his arms and legs (without flailing) and I think he likes feeling snug and secure. Of course, it's no match for sleep regression and teething (and a side of increased spitting up..ugh) but it improves sleep regardless.
  • we used the zippy to help out with his swaddle transition.  It went very well!  I followed the tips from this site: has been sleeping without his swaddle for a very long time...maybe about close to 2 months?  He just turned 5 months not too long ago.  It took about 4-5 days to "transition" but he soon started sleeping without the swaddle and sleeping better.  With the swaddle he would wake himself up trying to free himself and that's when we knew he needed to come out.  Anyways, I have had great success with it.  IF you have any specific questions feel free to ask :)
  • BTW I just ordered one zippy when I was transitioning him.  They are wonderful but they are so expensive.  Now he sleeps in regular PJ's with another layer underneath or a little inexpensive sleep sack from baby's r us. 
  • So far it's going well! We started with naps and he did great. It took about a week to make it all night (we had to put him back in the swaddle at 1am each night because he couldn't control those arms!). He isn't quite sleeping better but he likes his arms out and isn't fighting it. And I don't have to worry about him rolling over anymore. I got my zipadee on sale for $26 so not too horrible. So far I'm happy with it. I'm hoping once he can really roll over he'll sleep better (hoping being the key word ha)
  • Extra bonus for the zippy- helps keep their little hands warm!
  • Update: the baby Merlin sleep auit really worked for us. When I put yer in it, it has the same calming effect as swaddling, sometimes she moves her arms and takes her paci out and then wakes up, but only in the first few minutes, that's why I hold her handa until she stops moving (not for long) Overall, love the sleep suit. We stopped swaddling at all in 2 days
  • Ordering a Merlin today! the reviews on amazon sold me... hopefully they aren't fake lol I'm so sleep deprived I'll try anything!!

  • Last night I was watching a rerun of shark tank and the zippidy zip was on there! Funny people were just talking about it.

  • The reason I got the zipadee zip over the Merlin was because I saw a lot of reviews that the Merlin was too warm and my boy is a heater! Otherwise it looks great. That's awesome about shark tank haha
  • ksimon23 said:

    The reason I got the zipadee zip over the Merlin was because I saw a lot of reviews that the Merlin was too warm and my boy is a heater! Otherwise it looks great. That's awesome about shark tank haha

    There is a cotton version and a fleece one. I hope the cotton one isn't too warm.

  • LO is no longer swaddled but we used the Love to dream 50/50 it is similar to the zipadee-zip but the arms zip off after a while to get your LO used to having arms out.
  • Dang I wish I saw the love to dream one! There's too many options!
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