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I like big bumps and I cannot lie.


Re: I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

  • Mcbb224Mcbb224
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    @Mcbb224 at first I thought you were about to drop a quadruplet bomb on us!

    Omg!!! Noooo! Twins run in my family and apparently don't skip generations because I have twin aunts, cousins, and sisters!! When I went to go get an ultrasound with a new doctor he joked "oh wow twins" my husband almost fainted!! My family is wondering which of the "cousins" will have twins first. Not me I tell them! Just one little girl for me, for now!
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  • @SarahFoley725 I love that top/dress. And the sentiment.
  • @bdanks so cute!! My mom is weirded out by me being pregnant! I think she's only touched my stomach once when I said baby had the hiccups. It doesn't bother me or anything but I think it's precious to see your mom love on your Bump!
  • @SarahFoley725 thanks! My sister just had her baby the 19th of December and my mom is loving all the excitement of being Oma!

  • I don't have many pics of my bump! But our sweet dogter (she's our first child and number one girl) loves to snuggle up with her brother.

  • Big furry brother loving on his baby brother.
  • mas2285mas2285
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    My husband and I with my girlfriends baby. I was 29 weeks.


  • 31 weeks. This house better hurry up!

    Beautiful view!
  • 33 weeks with DD#3... Not the greatest picrure but I feel the end is near:) 1st DD born at 38 weeks and 2nd DD born at 36 weeks, both at least 8lbs. Feeling like this little angel may debut early and be a "whopper" herself!! Getting Excited!!!
  • tamaraatowntamaraatown
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    FTM DS at 30 weeks.
      I'm 32 weeks presently.
  • eivaskaeivaska
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    35 weeks. She'll be here soon!! 

  • 34 weeks! Can't believe how big this belly is getting. Currently 35 weeks, but haven't done the new sign yet.
    Now we just need baby to flip head down. Been doing exercises & playing music low on my belly to entice some gymnastics. We find out Tuesday if she's figured things out yet!
  • Husband took this just last night. FTM at 34 weeks and 1 day with DS

  • 33 weeks 3 days... Hubby made a joke that he thought black was supposed to be slimming... 
  • 35 weeks today! Come on Mila Grace
  • amyidamyid
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    Loving all these real bumps... 
  • 36 weeks and feeling evey second of it!! Ultrasound for growth this coming up weej, last ultrasound placed her in the 91st percentile. Looking out for another big girl like her Sisters!!!!
  • Mom is snapping pictures while visiting and helping unpack this week. :) 

  • This was 33 weeks...I'm 35 weeks today!! Only 5 more to go before meeting DS!! I was about this same size with DD around the same time!
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