I like big bumps and I cannot lie. — The Bump
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I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

So we have HDBD, but we don't really have a place to share pictures of our day to day life rocking baby bumps with our SO, other kids, or whatever else. Share your cuteness on this thread. Tis' the season to be pregnant after all.

Re: I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

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  • @SarahFoley725 FYI, you do not look that much bigger than your cousin. She clearly has a longer torso and more vertical room for baby - so tell gramps (or uncle I can't remember) to suck it! You ladies are too cute! 

    Lol thank you! The comment didn't really bother me much because I'm like...we have completely different bodies of course we look different!
  • @cmerribury and @SarahFoley725 You both look adorable. And that is some green, green grass for December. I know you have probably said a million times, but I can't remember where you live. I'm thinking in the south but my memory sucks.
  • You gals are soooooo cute!! :love::love:

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  • Honestly, I have a lot of feelings from this thread already.
  • OMG my family sucks at taking pics!   I look like I'm dying (I didn't get much sleep last night lol).  This is my "did you take it yet?" face
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  • LOL @CalebsHabibi that photo is awesome!!! :lol:

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  • Aww, poor pups. Where is he going to sit when the baby is born?!
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