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New Year's (and New Mom!) Resolutions

With 2016 right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions! 

Feeling motivated? Share your New Year's Resolutions below! 

Re: New Year's (and New Mom!) Resolutions

  • For 2016 my resolutions are:
    1. Get healthy
    2. Get ready everyday (at least my make up)
    3. Budget & save money
    4. Stop yelling (be more patient)
    5. Try & do something fun with my kids 2-3x a week.

    I'm excited for this year!
  • 1. pay off the debt we occurred by having this baby after buying insurance like responsible adults instead of relying on medicaid (not at all bashing people on medicaid or gov't assistance, just find it ridiculous that we followed the law even though we could barely afford the premiums and are now in debt because of high deductibles, yet somehow don't qualify for insurance subsidy)

    2. Be present with my husband and new little daughter--I hate it when I realize something has passed me by and I missed it. 

    3. Lose 20 pounds to get back below my pre-pregnancy weight.

    4. find a job I'm passionate about that pays the bills
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  • I've never made this resolution but seriously get healthier and lose 10 lbs to get back to my prepregnancy weight. 10 lbs doesn't seem like that much but I want to tighten it all back up. Lots of work ahead! Just need to start feeling better first and be cleared for exercise.
  • I usually don't make them. But next year I have 2.

    1.) Be better with my money now that we have a baby.

    2.) Get back on track with my diet. I was doing great before we got pregnant and then had to stop. Currently I weigh less now then I did when I was pregnant so I want to use that as a motivating starting point. Hopefully I don't gain it all back after Christmas!
  • My New Years resolution (no joke) is workout out and finally get a butt. I've been slacking on those squats and I'm sick of having a plank of wood for a booty.
  • Mine is eating better. Ever since giving birth, I've been eating terribly because I don't have time to make anything healthy since LO is so demanding right now. I've been snacking on crackers and eating take out for weeks now :flushed:
  • Eat better and cook dinner at home most nights

    Stick to our budgeting plan and save for a new house, contribute to LO's 529 plan

    Be present in the moment and enjoy the snuggles and little moments instead of thinking of "what's next"

    Married DH December 2014
    Expecting DS#1 November 2015
  • 1. Eat healthy
    2. Lose weight (was doing great before getting pregnant)
    3. Spend as much time as possible with LO and hubby, which means no more overtime.
    4. Learn Dutch
  • money
    2. Be patient not loosing my temper
    3. Get ready for my husband every time we go out like before I pregnant
    4. Be the best mom I can for my daughter
    5. Continue going to nursing school
  • 1.Do more of around the house instead of being busy with baby 24/7
    2.Walk every weekday
    3.Pray everyday
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