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Hip pain when laying

Hi mommas,

I am 33 weeks along now and I can't sleep because of some pretty intense hip pain, especially on my right side. Any recommendations on how to get comfy? I lay on my left side as long as possible, but I'm a super fidgety sleeper, so I toss a turn a ton since I can't sleep on my stomach. Sleeping on my back with my head very elevated isn't working either. I've read heat would help so I'm considering a heating pad for the area.


Re: Hip pain when laying

  • Toss and turn**
  • I had this and sleeping with a pregnancy, body or even just regular pillow between my legs has helped immensely. :)
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  • I make an entire nest around me. I flip flop from side to side with a thick pillow between my legs and then towards the end of the night I slide up so that I'm in more of a recliner like position. Raising just my head and neck wasn't enough so I start the incline a my waist. If you have a recliner I know a lot of women enjoy sleeping in them too.


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  • Body pillows definitely help. I found that using a pillow between my legs and then a flatter pillow under my belly helped keep everything aligned and helped with the hip pain (mine was also on one side).

    Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? I saw one who specialized in prenatal, and she helped me with my hip/lower back pain in third trimester.
  • Right there with you on the hip pain. It's really my only pregnancy complaint so far. I either sleep with a fatty pillow in between my legs or I sleep inclined sitting up with lots of pillows behind me. I didn't think I'd be able to sleep sitting up because it's a bit awkward, but it's actually quite comfortable once I get settled in.

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  • I also toss and turn but otherwise I prop myself up like I'm sleeping in a chair and get sleep that way to rest my hips!
  • I am usually a very still stomach sleeper. Not so much these days.....

    I lay a pillow next to me and sort of half sleep on my side, half on my stomach. It isn't terrible- but I am curious to see how long this arrangement can last....
  • You need those sausage pillows... Hubby says i hog all the pillows and i say its for baby because otherwise i can't sleep. One goes in between my thighs and the other is a hugging one... I have 2 breakfast pillows which are mini rectangle ones and this helps with the pressure causin the pelvic/hip pain etc
  • I can't sleep on my sides b/c my hip pain intensifies when I move and then makes me feel like an 80 year old granny for a few days.  I have reverted to sleeping on our recliner which is the best I can get w/out having my hips hurt when I move.  I'm not sure what the cause is exactly b/c it is only on my left side.  I've googled SI dysfunction and that seems to match what I feel.  No amount of pillows help between my legs either, believe me, I've tried!

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  • My Snoogle pillow has been a miracle.  I do find, however, that after a few days my hip starts to get annoyed with constantly sleeping on my left side, but I found great relief in general with the Snoogle.
  • I've heard a chiropractor can help, but I wasn't able to go to one. I just dealt with it from around 34 weeks until it was time for the spawn to come out. I took unisom pretty consistently to help me fall asleep, and fall back asleep when I inevitibly woke up, and it helped me. Good luck!
  • I started getting hip pain really early on. It felt like my hips were actually bruising after a night of sleep. I tried pillows between my knees and it almost made it worse. I found a pillow under both knees helped a TON. I read that your knees are supposed to angle in from your hip, and when lying on your side they're aligned straight with your hip and therefore your hip joint is in a slightly open position and that's what causes the pain. Now that I'm farther along, I have one pillow underneath and one pillow between, running the length of my thigh to my knee. This helps take the weight of my top leg off the bottom leg and also helps relieve the pressure/pain.
  • I sleep with a pillow between my legs and one under my belly for support. Occasionally I will wake up on my back and I am 35 1/2 weeks.
  • Sleeping propped up on my back has been a lifesaver. I wish that I had discovered that it was ok earlier because I was forcing myself to sleep on my sides and suffering. My hips used to throb in bed, rolling to the other hip was so painful, and then all day I was hobbling around. I do sit on a heating pad in the evening when I get home from work. I find that soothes any soreness that develops over the day.
  • I too sleep with a Snoogle pillow, and it's been wonderful! At first I didn't like it because it was hard and gave me a headache (it has an upper piece that supports your head), but once I committed to using it, it softened up and the headaches went away. I found one for like 1/2 price on eBay, which was awesome because I didn't want to spend that much money on a pillow.
  • Pillows do nothing for me. I'd recommend a chiropractor. But like PP I'm unable to go to one. :( 39w today and its getting unbearable.
  • I have the pillow as well but I second the chiropractor! I'm 38 +5 and I had started going a few weeks ago and it has eliminated my hip pain, which is not even why I went, but a very nice side effect.
  • There are some good ideas in this thread I am going to have to try out.

    I am curious from STM's ... how long after delivery does it take for the hip pain to go away?
  • I feel your pain OP. I finally caved and went to the chiropractor earlier this week and it was incredible. Up until Friday, that is. I see him again Monday and it cannot come soon enough. I seriously wimper when I walk around and probably look like I'm 80 years old. I sleep with pillows everywhere and it does me no good. I may have to try sleeping propped up tonight because I'm in quite a bit of pain and my night hasn't even started yet :disappointed:
  • There are some good ideas in this thread I am going to have to try out.

    I am curious from STM's ... how long after delivery does it take for the hip pain to go away?

    I can't speak for those with more severe pain/PSD, but my hip and low back pain was gone within a few days of delivery. I had a non-medicated vaginal birth and had quite a bit of muscle soreness afterward from pushing for 2.5 hours, but once that resolved, my back and hip pain was gone as well.
  • If you're using a pregnancy pillow, like the snoogle, try sleeping without it. The snoogle made me so much more uncomfortable and my hips would kill.
    I lay on my side with one leg up, and sometimes I have a pillow under my knee.
  • My ob recommended sleeping on a bed that reclines sort of like the hospital ones because when you are far along in pregnancy like 36 weeks, every position hurts unfortunately..

    Even sleeping on my left side which is meant to be better for the baby is painful. After tossing and turnin i eventually sleep on one side for a while before changing to another side
  • sarahufl said:
    I am usually a very still stomach sleeper. Not so much these days.....

    I lay a pillow next to me and sort of half sleep on my side, half on my stomach. It isn't terrible- but I am curious to see how long this arrangement can last....
    This is right where I'm at!! I have a body pillow from my boobs down to between my legs and it has so far been the best plan ever!! Hoping it will last the whole time!!
  • Like they said you have to put the body pillow in between your legs it relieves the pressure & the weight. And you just have to switch sides to whatever side is most comfortable. Both sides hurt but one is more tolerable on any given night.
  • The couch is my best friend. I'm 38 weeks. It allows for head to be propped up for heartburn. It holds me up to my left or at an angle if I choose. I can even rest better on my right side toward the couch with a blanket smooshed under my left back. Comforters are key. Nice soft comforters. Bunched up and wrapped around me like a cocoon. It stabilizes my body and then I shove some of the bundle between my legs. I have severe lower back pain, right sciatica, and lightening crotch. In this position I can actually stretch out one leg elevated onto the end of couch and it helps lightening crotch and edema. Good luck!
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