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Looking for a Cosmetic Pregnacy App

Does anyone know of an app where you can scan products to see if they're safe for pregnancy?

I switched to Juice Beauty makeup when i found out I was pregnant, and then recently went back to purchase a refill, and they were out of my color.  So the sales person suggested another "pregnancy safe" cosmetic brand Pur.... I've been using it for 3 days now, and just recently look at the ingredients-- it has Octinoxate... When i looked it up this chemical online, it said do not use while pregnant.  Now i'm really upset.  Do you think me using it for 3 days could have harmed the baby?  And does anyone know of an app where you can scan the product and it will tell you if its safe to use or not?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Looking for a Cosmetic Pregnacy App

  • I don't know of other brands but I'm sure it hasn't harmed either of you. I haven't changed any of my cosmetics or skin care and most women don't. The tiny amounts that get absorbed, if any, won't harm the baby. The one thing to watch out for is vitamin A derivatives such as retinol. They CAN be harmful to baby. Unfortunately a lot of info you find is scare tactics for new mums who don't know any better...and companies capitalize on our fear. Sad but true. You will be totally fine :)
  • EWG.org Skin Deep app. Not just for pregnancy! I have used it for a really long time for all skin and body care. Also has baby products. The scanning part probably works better in the US than Canada since some product formulas are different. Check it out! It's free :)
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  • Take the recommendations from the environmental working group (EWG) with a pinch of salt. They update their lists regularly, in particular people pay large attention to their sunscreen lists. Just because a product contains a product that may be considered harmful doesn't mean it necessarily is. It's not that black and white and has a lot to do with the amount in it as well as how it is delivered. For example most of the chemicals listed as "toxic" are only toxic when injected and not rubbed into the skin in small amounts.

    Anyway, as I said you don't necessarily need to change all your products. Most of them are probably fine
  • My dr says that, with the exception of retinol, you don't have to change much of your skin care routine. So little is absorbed into your blood stream from a topical application, she was not concerned at all. She even said if I continue struggling with acne, it's perfectly fine to use OTC salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide. I'm sure you and baby are fine from using it for 3 days.
  • Thanks ladies! You all are very helpful!!

  • Ladies, I've just got pregnant and I wanna ask you some question about cosmetics. Lately, I began using the Ellarium brand https://ellarium.com/ It's really fits for my dry skin and makes it much better then others. The cream consists of collagen. I know it's good for skin, but is it compatible with being pregnant?
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