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breastfeeding at work

I recently returned to my job, at a daycare, with my two month old baby . The daycare has a variety of ages in one room. I don't take a break to feed my baby, I just nurse him as needed. I'm very good about covering up because I'm a very modest person and breastfeeding is CLEARLY so offensive! ;) But since there is a variety of ages in one room there is always a five year old boy who is extremely curious about why I feed the baby under the blanket. Should I talk to his mom or should I start taking breaks to be away from the kids while I nurse? I am not going to tell him all about breastfeeding, i feel like thats moms place, I'm just at a loss on what to tell kids when they ask because its such a natural thing!

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    I would probably mention to the mom.
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    Just talk to the mom. If it were my son, I would talk to him about it myself and encourage you to continue breastfeeding as you are.
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