More children after twins?

Our fraternal boys just turned 2 last week (holy moly that went by fast!)--they were our first and only pregnancy. My husband and I are currently in the "do we want more children?" stage, which I have to admit is huge because I never would of entertained more babies a year ago. I always saw myself as a mom of two, but when you are blessed with two at once it sort of changes plans around a little. I guess my question is directed towards those MOMs who have had their multiples prior to any singletons. When did you know if and when you were ready to try for more children? I know this question is individualized for every different situation, but I feel like we constantly go back and forth with our discussions and I'm just needing some perspective from others who have been there. Any words of wisdom or advice would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

Re: More children after twins?

  • I knew I always wanted at least four kids. So after having the twins it really wasn't a question about if we wanted more but when! My boys turned two a few weeks ago and I'm due with a singleton beginning of feb! I'm still pretty sure we want more after this, but we'll see how it goes with 3! We will probably leave a little bit more age gap between number 3 and 4. I've always wanted a big family (and always wanted twins!) so that's our plan.

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  • We had a singleton, then twins, and decided we were done. We even sold all of our baby stuff. Now, we have a surprise #4 on the way. I'm really looking forward to caring for a single again. :)
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  • We have a 5yr old son - I also thought I would only have 2 children, but Surprise we are having twins this time around. I can go ahead and say after this go around, WE ARE DONE!! I plan to have my tubes tied before my Csection incision is closed up and my husband is also considering a Vasectomy 
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  • If we had had our twins first I'm sure we would have still had more after. That was not the case for us. We knew this would be our last pregnancy, last baby, and we are lucky enough to be having twins. Between the two of us we have 3 kids already, so we're done after this.

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  • We did not have our twins first, but I do want another child (a 4th) so I can kind of relate.
     At first, after my twins were born, I had no feelings what-so-ever about having another. I was completely neutral on the topic.  Then when they were about 6months old, I started to think, "maybe". For about 2 more years I went back and forth. It slowly over time changed to "yes" now that they are 4 years old.
    Of course, over that same time, my husband has come to a "no way". So, we won't be having anymore :( 
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  • We have twins that just turned 6 at the beginning of the month. We knew we wanted more but wanted to wait for a bit. We've been able to focus everything on them for 6 years and enjoy being a family of 4. Now that I'm expecting again (we don't know yet if it's one or more), they're old enough to understand what's going on (to a degree) as well as help out quite a bit. We also didn't want to have more until our twins were in school (daycare costs factored into that).
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  • Our twins were our firsts. We wanted to be "one and done." Ha! Our boys just turned one and at this point, the idea of more children is absolutely laughable. I'm barely starting to feel human again. Still breastfeeding. One or both of them are clinging to be at all waking moments. No more kids. No way.
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  • We had twins first, and they were a result of fertility treatments for my pcos.  2 months after I weaned the girls, I took a pregnancy test that was very positive!  shocker!  In a perfect world, I might have put another year or two between the twins and a sibling, but I can't wait to have a newborn again!  I love the little ones  :)  The twins turn 2 in March and I am due in May. Good Luck to you!
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  • We have a singleton who is 8.... twins that are 7... baby that just turned 3... and new baby due in about 13 weeks! Ha ha. My oldest was 9 months old when we got preggo with our twins.. obviously u see it took us 4 yrs to add to the brood.... but we love our crazy house. And DH and I both work full time with no nannies etc so it can be done!
    Good luck
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    @MamaRoni This is so reassuring! One big sacrifice that neither my husband nor I want to sacrifice is our work. We both are the "working type" and daycare obviously plays into us thinking of more children because of the money involved. I love hearing that it works for you! Thank you for the insight! Best of luck to you and your growing family.
  • I pregnant now with twin girls (our first) and DH and myself would like a son in say 2 years lol so we will be trying again!
  • I am planning on doing a FET this year.  My twins will be turning 2 shortly before the baby is due assuming all goes smoothly. I am scared I won't lie.  I wanted to wait longer in between but I am turning 39 soon and want to be DONE by 40 having kids.  We were gonna wait until end of summer but with the Zika virus headed our direction ( we live in the south)  we are seriously considering doing it ASAP. 
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  • My twin girls turned 2 in October and we are due with 3rd and final in June. You guys will know when the timing seems right. 
  • We have an 8yr old and 6yr old and went back and forth for years over whether to have a third.  We finally decided to pull the trigger and got #3 and #4.  So I can affirmatively say that we are done, done, done  ;)
  • Yes.. My daughter was 9 months when I was pregnant with the triplets. They are 16 months apart. The triplets will be 2 in March and my daughter is almost three and a half. We are planning another trip for this fall and itusually takes me a couple transfers for success. I hope by the time it works the triplets will be around three and a half and my daughter nearly 5.
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    I know I am going to get flack for this but I think of my twins as a unit. So I had a son, twin girls, and am now pregnant with #4 but I think of it as my third. I always knew I wanted at least four but now I am leaning towards 5 or 6 but maybe I am just crazy.
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  • I'd say around when our girls turned 3 we started talking about it. They just turned 4 and I took our my Paraguard  and are TTC.
    For us, I really want one more, and my girls would be awesome big sisters, I think. Childcare cost was a factor for me too. By the time new one is around, they'll likely be in kindergarten. 

    I think you'll know for sure when it's time. once both are potty trained, life gets SOOO much easier!
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    Got pregnant when our twins were 20 months….little brother was born the day they turned 2.5 years old…not gonna lie that first 6 months was crazy (twins were not yet potty trained, all fighting for Mommy's attention) but things have got much easier over time (twins are 4.5 and little guy is 2) and now I would love a 4th (hubby doesn't agree). All that to say I would say go for one more…the love multiples…so cool to see your kids in a new light as older siblings!
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