"Gentle Cesarean"

I've read much about this and love the idea! My first was emergency, second was scheduled and this pregnancy I want skin to skin after delivery while the doctors finish up surgery. Any thoughts?

Re: "Gentle Cesarean"

  • You'll have to check with the hospital and see if they do that. Some do, some dont. Mine doesnt, which is fine with me because the spinal makes me shakey and I don't want to risk dropping my baby. My husband brings me the baby and I get to touch him and snuggle his face with mine, which is enough for me. I agree that the idea of it is amazing though! If I wasn't so afraid of dropping the baby, I'd look into other hospitals :)
  • I've never heard of this, what is it?
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  • My first was emergency and I remember being so shaky that I couldn't even hold her. My husband helped me to hold her for about 5 mins and then I had them take her. My second was planned and They brought her to me as soon as she was out and I was able to hold her the entire time while they stitched me up. It was amazing!! Funny thing is I didn't ask for that, I think it is just standard practice at the hospital where i delivered. If it's important to you, I would definitely advocate for it!
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  • My hospital let me do it, but I was so shaky that I handed him back after a few minutes
  • I asked for skin to skin contact which my hospital allowed providing that my husband held had a hand on her while she was on my chest. It was amazing! will definitely be doing this with my next child!
  • I had an emergency section - I got to see his screaming face ASAP then they checked him quickly (felt like forever but husband says just a few minutes) then we had him for the next 30 minutes or so. I remember he was chilling beside me when they wheeled me into recovery. But every hospital is different.

    Good luck and don't be shy to ask.
  • I had an emergency c-section with my first and if I have another baby, I definitely want a gentle c-section.  They are also called family-centered c-sections.  I just really want to be able to hold him/her right away and do skin to skin.  So between trying for a VBAC or a gentle c-section, I just want which ever will be most likely to let me do skin to skin immediately (and of course be safe for baby and me).

    I came across this article today and it helped validate my feelings that I'd want to "shop" around for a doctor/hospital willing/able to do a gentle c-section when the time comes (assuming I can find something nearby):  https://www.breastfeedingbasics.com/badass-breastfeeder/gentle-c-section
    It also has a link in the beginning to a video explaining the simple changes a hospital can do to make a gentle c-section work.
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