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15 Weeks Pregnant

is it normal at 15 weeks to see spotting???

I woke up this morning to use the bathroom mind u this is my second child n everything im experiencing with this baby I never experienced with my son I went to clean myself n well u know when us woman get off our period n the blood is turning brownish well that what I seen n then I look on my panty line n it was a bit pf spotting on it im scared cuz I've been in and out the hospital for the past three months now n I just got home from the hospital on the 4th of this month I dont want to go bk but if I have to I will with this baby I feel like I a new mom like Idk what to do I haven't called my doctor yet a part of me is really worried but then a part of me is saying maybe this is normal I didnt do any heavy lifting now struggle to do anything last night though I felt alot of movement with my baby thought it was cuz I had to pee but half asleep I really didn't check myself just wondering if someone can tell me something here to calm me down or if I should really call my doctor or go to the hospital I don't want to tell my husband cuz he has anxiety really bad n he is at work dont want to worry him.....
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