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6 month stats!


Re: 6 month stats!

  • Finally got in today (9 days past the 6 month mark).

    19 lbs 13oz and 27"

    Only gained 2 pounds since the 4 month appointment which is awesome...she's pretty mobile now so she's definitely gaining more slowly. Did not care for the shots though, poor kid.
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
    DS born 9-5-18

    mjschenkKaLikeAWindvirginiaunicorn11Sammy K
  • 14lbs 3oz and 63.5cm. I'm joining the itty bitty baby club!
  • I meant to ask does everyone's pedi weigh with a diaper in or naked?
  • Naked over here
    Sammy K
  • Clean dry diaper
  • Clean, dry diaper here too
  • Clean dry diaper here, too
  • Clean, dry diaper
  • Diaper here too, which cloth vs disposable would have weight difference too. My guy was 16lbs 6 oz but would have been under 16 naked
  • Don't you think all pediatricians would do it the same way ? Obviously completely naked is the most accurate weight.. Wonder why some do diaper on
  • Naked here, too.
  • Well I guess that's why it's important to follow your curve and not the number. We've got 7 oz on your naked kid!
  • Our check ups are late, so she's a week and a half over 6 months. Here goes...

    15 lbs .5 ounces
    26 inches

  • 27" 15.5 pounds :)
  • 17 lbs

    6 mo on Dec 19 but had his appt Jan 8.
  • We had our 6 month appointment today, (though we are 29 weeks).
    Height 26"
    Weight 14# 15oz.
    I checked with him about her weight and he's not worried. The height and weight are tracking together so he's fine with everything. It's just so weird to me because she was 9#2oz at birth and such a chunky monkey. Now she's my petite peanut. He sees this all the time with EBF babies. Her head is still huge, just like her momma. Lol
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