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6 month stats!

Share your six month appointment stats here!

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  • marlener25marlener25
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    17lbs 12 oz (67%) and 26.75 inches (60%)
  • Might not be the place to post but I'm assuming the majority of your LO's had their 6 month vaccines at their 6 month check ins. If so, how did it go? I know I've already been through it twice but I always dread it and my little guy's appointment is on Monday. :(

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  • Henry is 19.5lbs, 28.5". The 6 month shots weren't bad although mine spiked a fever at night. He was fine by the morning! Good luck
  • kcl283kcl283
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    15lbs 11oz and 27.5 inches on the 1st. Continuing our long and leAn trend. Born 6lbs 14.5oz 19.5"
  • 17lbs 8oz (50%) 26 in (24%) I didn't think he was short
  • I think it depends what chart they use @mjschenk There are weight to length and weight to age and length to age ratios. My WHO ratio says that 26in is the 50th percentile. And 17,8 is 72nd.
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  • ^gender changes the chart as well
  • 17lbs 14 oz and 28 inches. Amazing how quickly they grow! Slow down little man!
  • 6 months on nov 29th. Appt on Dec 3rd

  • 423ang said:

    rklinge0 said:

    I win the petite award.
    13 lbs
    25 inches.

    We've got a competition!

    My girl is 13 lbs 9, 25.5 in

    My boy is 12 lbs 9, 25 in

    I'll compete for littles AND bigs--if I combine my babes, we're 26 lbs and 50.5 inches! :)

    From everything I've heard, it's odd for the boy to be smaller. Was he smaller at birth? I can't remember.

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  • I'm terrible and don't remember lengths... I know estimates but not exact since our 6month appt was Nov. 16.

    Aria- 14lbs7oz and roughly 25.5inches
    Adalynn- 17lbs4oz and roughly 26almost27 inches.

    I really thought I had the peanut of J15 babies with Aria. I'll still always call her my peanut since her sister is turning into a chunker compared to her.
  • My little guy was 14lbs, and 25.5" long.  Dr said he was right below the 50th percentile for height and in the 10th percentile for weight.  He said he was "slim".  Seeing as my DD was the same way, I'm not worried.  He's STTN (has been since 5 weeks) so if he was hungry he wouldn't be sleeping.  He's still in 3 month clothing, although he's starting to get a little too long for it.  The 6 month stuff is huge in the waist though.  Oh well...
  • 18 lbs 14 oz
    28 1/2 inches long
    I've got a healthy girl on my hands!
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  • Spoke to the doctor. 26 3/4 inches 18 lbs 9 oz
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  • LO is 20 pounds 5 ounces and 27 inches. Not super tall but he's got plenty of rolls
  • 19 lbs 6 oz 27.75 inches long. 80th and 89th percentile
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