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How to help baby become a good sleeper

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You are probably no stranger to waking up around the clock whenever baby does, helping to soothe her back to sleep. It will most likely take her 12 to 24 weeks to start sleeping through the night (it’ll happen- we promise!), but you can start developing healthy sleep habits today! 

We called in an expert for the best advice on helping baby get to sleep on her own and stay asleep longer - so you can, too! Share your slumber-time successes or sleep goals you’re currently working on with your little one!  

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Re: How to help baby become a good sleeper

  • Some babies come into the world predisposed to sleep smoothly, but family patterns play an even bigger role in how this unfolds. In fact, I see family patterns turn babies declared “bad” sleepers into champion ones all the time.

    The good news is that sleep is natural. Babies and kids don’t need to be trained or tricked into sleeping. They’re built to sleep. Helpful routines and habits don’t make children sleep, they allow their inner sleep abilities to shine.

  • I agree with the point as sleep is natural, one does need to give training to the child regarding sleep.
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  • Hi there!
    I can't create a new topic, so I'll ask my question here. I'm in my sixth month of pregnancy and for the last time it's uncomfortable to sleep in the bed. Once I had my shoulder operation and I slept in a recliner for some time. It was very comfortable, so I consider buying a sleeping recliner, fortunately, we have a nest egg. Is there someone practicing this type of sleeping? Recommendations are welcome. thanks!
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