3rd Trimester

10 things you HAVE to do before you go into labor

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Feeling overwhelmed by the to-do list to tackle before baby is here? Don’t sweat it! We boiled it down to the essentials so that after labor, the only thing on your list will be spending time with baby!

Find a comfy seat, put your feet up, and check out the 10 must-dos before your LO’s big arrival! And don’t forget to relax, mom. Is there anything special you’re doing for yourself before you go into labor?  

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Re: 10 things you HAVE to do before you go into labor

  • My wife want to get her hair and nails done! Also, last few date nights...
  • Would we be able to get this unstickied? It's been here for 6 months and it is a little demeaning. 
  • Why do you feel it should be removed?  And how is it demeaning?  
  • I wanted to read the list what happened
  • I wanted to read the list what happened
    It's a link in OP
  • It is so helpful and like this :D 
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    Pug, go cry somewhere else...If something about an article isn't for you, then move on. No need to spoil it for everyone else. 
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