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Suddenly Stinky Poop?

My dd is almost 2 months and all of a sudden her poop stinks and it didn't before.  I should know this as this is my 3rd exclusively breastfed baby, but I do NOT remember this ever happening until they started eating food.  There is nothing noticeably different about her poop and she doesn't seem to be uncomfortable about pooping or anything.  She has slacked off with the frequency of pooping which I know it normal, maybe this is the reason.  Any ideas?

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Re: Suddenly Stinky Poop?

  • My son can clear a room! Or as his daddy says gag a maggot lol. I think it may have something to do with what we eat. I'm kind of curious too. My baby is very gassy and that smells awful too! I'm not sure if it's normal.
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  • I've noticed my EBF baby every now and then will have really smelly farts and poops for a day and then goes back to not being smelly. I haven't figured out what I eat that does it, but it's nasty! I think it's pretty normal, as long as baby is able to pass the gas.
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  • Did you start on any new medications or vitamins yourself?
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