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Any ladies in NC?

I know some of the other moms to be have others in their area and can use each other for support, etc. since we are all due in May. Just wondering if anyone is in North Carolina?

Re: Any ladies in NC?

  • I am! :) work in Charlotte
  • I am near the Fayetteville area :) @tgortney
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  • jewels1020jewels1020
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    I live in Virginia but my father n law and his wife live down there and we are going to be selling our house and trying to move down there :)
  • They are in Raleigh
  • I am in Jacksonville!
  • @jewels1020 I'm about an hour from Raleigh. That's a nice area.
  • Winston Salem here

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  • Im in Fayetteville/hope mills area
  • jbo008 said:

    Im in Fayetteville/hope mills area

    Awesome! You're like in my back yard.
  • Im lurking from June 2016 - but im in Goldsboro
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  • You're all to the east, I'm west side :disappointed: an hour from Boone
  • @tgortney boo :( was hoping a few of us were close by!
  • Just south of the border into sc for me. But I'm talking less than 5 minutes away from being Charlotte. I work in Charlotte.
  • Haha awesome! how long have you been here?
  • Almost 4 years now. How about you? @jbo008
  • @kp90 well that's awesome were trying to get a good idea of where to move to based on schools and work .. while staying somewhat close to his dad
  • @kp90 I've been here 14 years so it's been a while lol.
  • I just wanted to say this


    Also I've been here for almost 20 years :wink: basically my whole life.
  • Charlotte/Pineville here! Although, I'm a recent transplant. Only been here less than a year.
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