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Monday B****fest

It's Monday. We hate it. Let's hear it.


Mine: My exhaustion level this morning has reached level, "I hate everyone."
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Re: Monday B****fest

  • It's snowing where I live, so today I'm "working" from home. That basically means I'm hanging out with my daughter and watching TV.... whoops!
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  • UGH. DS is potty trained, but he refuses to pee anywhere but in his potty at home. He said "potty mommy!" as we were leaving the gym this morning, but refused to use the potty in the car, which is the exact same as the one in the house except that it's white, not green. So, he peed all over his carseat for the second time in a month. Now, I have to wash the fabric on the damn thing and line dry it and I need to go grocery shopping this afternoon. Looks like that's not happening....

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  • DH has a man cold and is so whinny I'm actually glad to be going to work!
  • I'm at an advanced excel seminar for work today and tomorrow and we have to share computers with two other people.
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  • My son and I have been sick with a horrible cold since finding out I was pregnant. It has not gotten any better and I still feel like crap :neutral: , but at least my son seems to be doing better.
  • I have had 120oz of water so far today and I am still fricking parched!
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  • This pregnancy has made me super snacky!!  I don't eat candy or carbs, so have been addicted to coffee....decaf of course.  I wish my bump was baby, but it is just added fat :(
  • Told my BFF today that I was pregnant. First person I told other than DH. Her reaction was "oh, well I guess that's what you wanted". WTF? Makes me not what to tell anyone else
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  • @cabee310 are you kidding me?!?! That is a horrible response. Where is the excitement?
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • I've had a nasty cold since Friday and haven't had any medicine (other than Tylenol to cut the fever)! Sure would sleep a lot better with a little NyQuil nightcap!
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  • I accepted a job offer just before my BFP and it wasn't supposed to start until next week. However, when they call and ask you to start a week early, I say "more money." But, what was supposed to be a few hours today turned into 8+ hours of (sometimes) strenuous work including some very heavy lifting and moving of furniture. They don't know I'm pregnant yet so I wasn't quite sure how to get out of the work. Now my whole body aches and I've got to be there again in less than 8 hours. Blah. 
  • @cabee310 Hopefully your friend was just having an off day and couldn't muster up enough excitement for you. We told my dad and stepmom on Saturday and I swear it was like telling the news to a brick wall. I thought they would be the most excited as my stepmom has been the one pushing us to have a kid for 7+ years now. She could not have been less enthused when we told them. And when we told them a few of the names we were thinking on, I was flat out told that some of my selections were "horrible" names and they couldn't believe I'd even think of naming a kid that. And these were pretty normal names too (like Reese, Finn, Everett). 
  • @cabee310 are you kidding me?!?! That is a horrible response. Where is the excitement?

    Right?! I was so sad...
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  • @BritMCotter people are so rude! Babies and Christmas, what could be better?!
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    I know it's not Monday, but here's my bitch... I am a beer and wine buyer. This is the season that all my vendors are giving away bottle of wine for me to try in hopes that I bring that wine into our store. I can't even say sorry I can't drink that because it's so early. Instead I've been taking the wine and having my husband try it. Not reliable but it is what it is.
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