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Who knows these answers???

What are some common foods that upset a breastfed babies tummy? Or makes them feel gassy?

How long after eating one of the above foods, will the baby feel better? Aka how long does it stay in their system?

If I were to start paying attention to what I'm eating, do I look at what I ate hours before? Or the day before? Before my baby started feeling gassy or upset that is

Re: Who knows these answers???

  • Following because I wonder the same thing.
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  • My baby hated when I ate fish three days in a row when she was 2 months old. Definitely could tell a change in behavior while nursing- she was pissed. Also didn't like broccoli. She has a sensitivity to strawberries that I tried to reintroduce two months after her initial reaction(a rash on her face) unsuccessfully.

    I think every baby is different and, while things like dairy can take a few weeks to get out of your system if you cut them out, some other things that just cause a strong initial flavor/taste can be quickly overcome. Just know too that babies go through phases that might be totally unrelated to what you're doing. But if your gut (no pun intended) is telling you to cut something out, keep in mind that you might have to wait at least a month to reintroduce it.
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