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STM, what's on your wishlist?


Re: STM, what's on your wishlist?

  • Can I wear my toddler in a ring sling? @Chichigo
    18 lbs. Velcro baby.
  • @Allisun85 We have the Gulliver Ikea crib that our 18 mo old son has been in since about 6 months - it's worked great for us so far and is plenty sturdy.  It's obviously not going to be solid wood, but that just makes it easier for me to move when I decide I want to rearrange the boy's room.  ;)  I have the gray one (if they still have idea) and I think it's simplistically cute. :)  Hope that helps!
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  • Sorry to double post...any opinions on the best ring slings?  I have a K'tan breeze, but that thing still gets pretty toasty in the summer time with a mini-heating vessel squished up against ya.  I'd be curious if anyone thinks a ring sling would be cooler...? @Chichigo ?
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  • We definitely need a car seat- I'm seriously considering getting a convertible right away and skipping the infant seat- am I crazy?

    I do want a sling of some sort, I hardly used the moby wrap with my first.

    Clothing, if this one is a boy, needing to ask for the two years of girls clothes I literally just lent to a friend if it's a girl!

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  • We just got a dual view monitor and an Ergo360, so those two are checked off!  Other things are...

    Second seat for the stroller (we have a City Select)
    Bassinet attachment for the stroller - didn't get this the first time around, but mama knows better now
    New changing table since DD will be taking the dresser into her big girl room with her
    New bottle nipples, binkis, burp cloths, wash cloths, changing pad covers
    Extra baby clothing hangers
    Halo swivel bassinet since I'm planning on having another c-section
    Clothes if it's a boy
    Double jogging stroller (still need to research which one)
    Pump, but that'll be sent to me by insurance obviously
    Second humidifier
    Closet organization items

    We also might sell our Britax convertible seats and trade up for the Click Tight seats.  My mom has one in her car and it's sooooo much easier to install - I did it in 3 seconds in the dark this morning while I was running out the door to have my ultrasound lol.
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  • audreyjem Me too!!  RE skipping the infant car seat and going straight to convertible.  I've seen way to much research recently that the convertible seats are eons safer, even when they're that little.
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    Baby #2 due 8/11/2016

  • A monitor where you can see both rooms at the same time.
    Double stroller, not sure which yet. I love my BOB but hate of big the double BOBS are.
    Noise machine
    Toddler bed for DS so the new baby can have his old crib.
    Might need a new pump.
    Nursery/ big boy decorations.

    And if we have a girl, all the clothes!

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  • We knew that we were planning another pregnancy, so we've kept almost everything and don't need very much. I doubt I'll create a registry.

    If this one is a boy, we'll need clothes. He would probably still end up wearing some of his sister's frilly pink stuff, but some boy-ish clothes would be nice to have. I'll probably hit up garage sales in the spring/summer.

    We'll also need some pacifiers, cuz DD is constantly losing hers.

    Big sister is in a twin bed now, so our crib is available. Our infant carseat hasn't expired, so we'll use that again. We have plenty of cloth diapers, burp rags, babywearing carriers, and bottles. We kept the bassinet, Rock 'n Play, swing, bouncer, exersaucer, and stroller.

    I'm actually feeling really well prepared this time around!
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  • @jckh912 Another ring sling recommendation from me! Especially for an August baby. A ring sling secures the baby to you using just one layer of sturdy fabric, so it tends to be cooler than other options. Just make sure you know how to use it safely. Baby should be in an upright position, never down in a cradle position. Baby's head should be always visible, and close enough to your face for you to kiss them.
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  • @jckh912 Here's the first time I wore my daughter in a ring sling, just to show you what I mean by an upright position. She is three months old in this photo, so her head control is pretty good. For a younger baby, you'd want to either pull the fabric all the way up to the back of the head or tuck in the tail to provide head support.
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  • @andrea0418, of course not lol. Just really hoping! Our kids are going to be 11 and 6 when this one arrives, and I've only kept a couple things I handed down to my nephew and managed to get back. And we have a little remodeling to do before #3 will have a bedroom, so the next 8 months will be filled with huge and small expenses :) but if no one offers, no big deal. I just get to go on a Target (and garage sale) shopping spree this summer!
  • If you're looking for some last-minute additions to your holiday wish-list (or if you just feel like checking out some cool baby gear) you might like our list of 2015's Best Double Strollers
  • I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved a year ago.  We were still undecided about having another and we just don't have the storage space in our new house.

    I will need a RNP, bouncer/swing, infant seat with two bases, activity mat, baby bath. 

    If it is a girl, we will be set for clothes.  If it is a boy, I have nothing. 

    We are getting our girls bunk beds, so we will use DD2's crib for baby3. We have a video monitor with two cameras so we are set there. We have a single and a double stroller. I have an ergo and a moby, but I may get another carrier. 

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  • Definitely 2 more carriers. I want an infant kinderpack, and another ring sling for sure.
    Also a rock-n-play. I loved that thing with my DD. I'm not wasting money on a crib this time, my daughter never slept in hers. But maybe an arms reach cosleeper. I'm also looking at the Maxi Cosi Vello 65 convertible car seat. I'm skipping the infant seat this time around. I think the only other thing I need is newborn cloth diapers. I had way too much stuff I thought I needed with my daughter, and I ended up just giving more of it away. This time I'm sticking with the basics.
  • New infant seat (mine is expired)
    Double stroller
    Rock n play
    Ergo carrier & a ring sling
    New bottles
    Clothes (if a boy)
  • Withings monitor that syncs with IPhone, momaroo swing, love my Tula carrier and maybe want another with infant insert. Possibly another crib as DS will only be 2yr2mo and not sure if we will have him transitioned to a bed yet.
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  • Definitely a double stroller, I will need to research those though. Dr. Brown bottles, sanity, and a new crib since DS will need our current one for the toddler bed.
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  • We are registered at BRU and Target mainly for the completion coupon but we also need a few things. A dear friend is throwing a baby shower/becoming a big sister party for us and our daughter. Not expecting gifts but it's there if people want to.
    New monitor, ours died a few months ago
    Double stroller
    Boys stuff if it's a boy

    I mainly register for the savings for me. And to help me plan the new room out mentally. Checklist what I have verses need.

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  • The Double Bob Jogging Stroller, not too picky on which model, with an adapter for our chicco keyfit 30.

    A tula

    That's basically it... We got most of our big stuff in "gender neutral" colors, and I found that many of the things I "needed" were worthless.  

    Not sure about doing a registry, kinda seems pointless but if I need a few things I'll probably create one for the completion coupon.

  • Double Bob, a tula or a 360 Ergo, boy clothes if boy, an Arms Reach co-sleeper, new pump tubing and bottles, and maybe one of those mamaroos. I saw one the other day on a FB second hand site for $150 so I may try and pick that up.
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