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Having a pity party for myself.

This has been a hard pregnancy for me. All day morning sickness for 5 months. Then 2 er visits on different weekends for stomach bugs. Finished with the stroke on the halloween. Now Imhave been put out of work till my after baby comes. I cant drive and really do much of anything. It absolutely sucks! I have been reminded again that people suck. My parents came and visited for a few days which helped. Hubby is trying which is better than most. I have had tons of promises for visits which have not happened. I have one dear friend who has helped me so much that it makes me cry when I think about how helpful she has been. We went to their house for thanksgiving. She offerred to throw a baby shower and I turned it down. She has already done so much I feel like I would be taking advantage of her. My son is 2 and we are having another baby so it seems gift grabby to me and the reality is I really dont think anybody would come. So last night, I had a small glass of wine and a good cry fest. The real kicker has been my work which goes on about how we are family. No we are a dysfunctional group of mean girls where a couple of girls are trying to steal my job while I am out. My one dear friend was pissed because we have a colleaugue that has worked their one year and is having a minor surgery. They did a collection for her and my friend was really upset. She didnt want to tell me but I opened my work email and there it was. Typical work though. They have their favorites and the rest of us dont matter. I've worked there 7 years and thats how it is. My mom says no more contributing at work anymore. I dont think I am entitled to money but some sort of acknowledgment would have been appreciated especially from the sunshine committee that is supposed to send cards! Argh!!!

Re: Having a pity party for myself.

  • I know how you feel. I've been off work since sept 2 and holy man am I bored! All I want to do is clean and get things ready for the baby but I medically can't! Then I find out my work replaced me, not a Mat leave coverage but a full time position! Nothing like having the stress of knowing you have no job to go back to!
  • I totally understand the work aspect! I work at a school for students with autism and while we are there, we are all super close. We call ourselves a family as well. I even grew up volunteering at the school as my brother was a student there. Every single woman who has had a baby got a huge baby shower thrown for them... except me. They didn't even acknowledge my first pregnancy. They all love to comment about my pregnancy and everything, but no mention of a baby shower. Apparently, I'm the unwanted relative in the school "family."
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