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Possible ear infection

So we're going into the weekend and have to wait until Monday to see the doctor so just wondered if any of you ladies have dealt with an ear infection yet? My baby girls symptoms are ear pulling, crying while eating her bottle and sometimes full out refusing to eat and waking every 1-2 hrs just to be comforted. No fever but she does get very hot and sweats during her sleep. Now I know she's in her 4 month wakeful period right now but seems she almost wakes up from pain... So needless to say I'm just trying to avoid it getting any worse if it is an ear infection. Would you suggest I wait till Monday or go to a walk in clinic to check it out (45 min away) Are these all just symptoms of sleep regression and teething? Thanks for your input!

Re: Possible ear infection

  • My LO has also been pulling and scratching at both ears. She's not crying or feverish. I'm debating if I should take her in.
  • These are all signs of teething as well. With the absence of a fever I wonder if maybe that is what's wrong. Try rubbing her gums to see if you feel anything sharp starting to come in?

    But I would say go with your gut, if you are really worried I would make the 45 minute drive, nothing is more important then baby's health and your peace of mind. Good luck!
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  • Thanks! Actually baby girl already has 4 teeth coming in right now, so she usually has some of these symptoms pretty bad but they have gotten quite a bit worse then usual and added the ear pulling, so was worried. I did call a nurse and she told me if she was up all night again to give her a small dose of tylonol to help her sleep as she's still been waking every hour and then told me to watch for a fever and go in if one appears, if not then to wait till Monday! Not a big fan on tylonol but she's so exhausted and clearly in pain :( hoping tonight goes better!
  • My little one had these symptoms and I took her in and the doctor didn't prescribe any antibiotics because he said it's probably from something viral and antibiotic wouldn't be nessasary unless it I notice an increase of redness, irritability , and drainage. Hope that helps ease ur mind a bit! Maybe a little Tylenol for the discomfort would help! Has ur little one had a cold recently cause that's how mine got hers . Hope ur baby feels better
  • If she has runny nose and maybe cough its possible that she has ear infection, those are very important symptoms in babies. 
  • @zaneta my DD is currently getting over an ear infection. She never had any symptoms of a runny nose or cough.

    At first I thought it was her teething (she already has 2). She had a slight temp but it keep rising throughout the day. Before we left for the ER at 9pm her temp was 101.9 and was 102.6 at the hospital. I was kind of relieved when the doc said it was an ear infection and not something worse.
  • I just took my LO in to see her Dr. She has been pulling at her ears with a little cough. She hasn't had a fever. He said she has a cold and didn't prescribe her anything.
  • A warm compress on the ear will help with the pain if it is an infection and not teething!
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