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Quick Intro & Need Help keeping baby a secret

Long story short my name is Sarah, I'm expecting my 5th & no one knows but my G-Ma. I started bleeding at 14 weeks & today makes 2 weeks of unexplained bleeding & bed & pelvic rest so now I really don't want anyone to know in case it ends bad.

Here's where I need your help. I really want to eat with my family tonight at my 86 year old G-Ma's house BUT in my southern family if the women don't get up & help clear the 90 course meal & do all the dishes you are ridiculed & kicked out of the family so to speak.
I'm looking for a good fib as to why I can't help without telling them I'm K/U. Faking sick is out of the question b/c then my whole family would say I made them sick & blame every cough, fart & booger they have for the next 2 weeks on me.
Thanks in advance ladies & may all the good food you're about to eat hit the spot! Safe travels at this busy time & happy healthy pregnancies to everyone!

I'm going to try & become more involved as I stalk the board numerous times a day & I read every post made. I am a single Mom of 4 (12G, 10G, 2.5G & 9monthB). My family spent 9 months in a DV shelter last year & this makes the 3rd baby I'll have with my abuser. I have prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law & I hope & pray he goes to prison in February! I kept my kids away from all of the drama & other than us being in the shelter they knew nothing was wrong. I don't have many friends but I could sure say there are plenty of you I wouldn't mind calling friends even though you don't know me. I will say I wish I lived in New York so I could meet up for brunch!

Sorry this post is all over the place lol I'm just really stressing & I know I need to stop its just the not knowing why I'm bleeding & how that will turn out then the aspect of tonight.

That's all folks, crazy post over & out :)

Re: Quick Intro & Need Help keeping baby a secret

  • I wish I could help with an excuse, but I've got nothing good.  Leave early, tell them you feel dizzy and you need to sit  Is there something you can do to help sitting down?  Stool at the sink while you wash dishes?

    I know that advice sucks, but on another note I'm praying for you and your babies, especially the one you're cooking.  

    Sending love and good vibes.

  • Welcome! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Since your grandma already knows I would tell her the truth and get her on your side. Then I would tell the rest of your family you sprained your knee and have to be off of your feet. Wear pants and no one should try and question you. Just slow down with the walk. Have your grandma be your pit bull so if anyone tries to get on your case she'll rip them a new one.
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  • And a few more tips, since every family has a bullshit spotter (I myself am one ;)) and they'll spot contradictions in a story...

    Don't include your kids in the injury story, they'll rat you out quick. Something like "I was shopping and tripped in the parking lot/ uneven asphalt, I fell weird and it all happened so fast..." With no more details on the fall other than pain.

    Don't limp. Limping always looks fake even when it's real.

    Pick and stick with a leg. If you forget which one it was and tell someone the wrong leg, you're doomed.

    Stick with the knee. If you try to say ankle it's easy for them to want to see it or check for swelling. It's rude if they try to see your knee.
  • Thank you ladies for the responses. I will go with the dizzy thing & add a headache (which I'm prone to anyway) to it. When said "ailment" is brought to everyone's attention my G-Ma is going to step in & say since I helped cook yesterday to go lay down in her room. She is the queen bee so what she says goes :)
    They know I just paid big bucks yesterday for my fibromyalgia pain management treatment so I couldn't fake an injury due to the fact they know I'm required to lay down as much as possible for the following 24 hours.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Okay so it turns out I was worried for nothing! My SIL whose name is Brittany but I call her Bitchney anounces after dinner she's tired so she's going home so my puppy dog of a brother gets up & follows her out the door. Everyone was so pissed they didn't even notice I wasn't doing anything! My G-Ma says she is going to tell her not to come back. I told you not helping if you're female in my family does not go over well at all. Trust me though, the men (my brother & Dad) do their share by wrangling all 7 kids aged 9 months to 12 years.
  • Wrap your ankle w/ an ace bandage or put on a medical boot and say you have a bad sprain and/ or hair line fracture that must stay elevated. That should keep you off your feet!!! Limp in and or brow some crutches. Good luck
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