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Nursing- biting! Ouch

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My 7 month old has started to bite me when he's nursing and constantly gets distracted, turns around, and stops eating. He doesn't nurse long during the day, only during the night. Any advice?

Re: Nursing- biting! Ouch

  • I've gotten bitten a few times, too! I have pulled him off and said "no" and that has mostly worked. I think some people apply the screaming method if no doesn't work. My little guy has also taken to grabbing my nipple with his sharp fingernails. That wasn't fun.
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  • NickiochNickioch member
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    Oof yup same here, 7 month mark and I'm getting occasional biting and also the tittie twisters!! Ouch! When he bites and pulls I take him off and say no, wait a few seconds and put him back on. Teething but no teeth yet, hoping to break the habit before they come in!! The distraction thing is totally normal too from what I've read. Mines been doing that for a while now, daddy had to stay away because if he hears or sees him (or anything else interesting for that matter) he pops off and whips around to see what's up. It makes me laugh but I try to make him focus by being in a quiet place with no distractions! Good luck!
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  • I have to nurse in a quiet dark room to keep my son eating. When we go out of town to visit family, even if I always go to a quiet dark room, he won't eat much because he hears them.

    As for the biting I say "ouch you hurt mommy" as I pry him off. Then I tell him "no we do not bite mommy" the first time I keep him off for about 30seconds. Then if he does it again that same feeding I go longer.
  • My son doesn't bite just yet but he does get super distracted, scratches, pinches and twists my nipples. Oh and my favorite... he likes to stand while bent over still fully latched and bounce. I was originally planning to do extended breastfeeding, but not sure how much longer I will last once we hit the 1 year mark.
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  • All babies are different, so you may need to try several different things before you find something that works for you. If the biting is happening at the end of the nursing session when baby is bored and no longer hungry then you can watch for signs of boredom, and take baby from the breast before the biting starts. Also, watch for tension in baby's jaw before he starts to bite down. He may also pull his tongue back from its normal position over the lower gum/teeth.
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