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TTCAL weekly check-in 11/16


Re: TTCAL weekly check-in 11/16

  • 1. I'm Dani. I have a 12 month old, and am TTC after a loss earlier this month.

    2. Status: TTC. Positive opk this morning. On vacation, so we need to find someone to watch our toddler for 10 min. ;)
    I have not had my period yet after this miscarriage. But my cycle seems to be cooperating.

    3. GTKY: Florida. Trying to find some healing and peace here. But it has been a lot of sleepless nights thinking about this miscarriage.
    ~First time mama, strikingly handsome husband, comedic pooch, krumpin' baby girl on her way~


  • 1. Introduce yourself: I'm Dani. I'm 26. I have a daughter, and am TTC after a recent loss. This is our first month TTC after a loss.

    2. Status (ex: Months/Cycles TTCAL and WTO or TWW, benched or currently going through a loss)

    3. GTKY: where is your favorite place to visit in the US?
    ~First time mama, strikingly handsome husband, comedic pooch, krumpin' baby girl on her way~


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  • I'm Brittany. I have a spicy 21 month old and we are currently tryin to concieve. This is month 2 since our September miscarriage. Hoping for a positive test this week! The waiting game is so tough!

    I actually am from Canada but have loved all my US travels. My husband and I got married in Vegas so that crazy, wild place holds a special spot in my heart.
  • Hi, I'm Jillian in Alabama.

    I am currently on day 12 of what seems to be a never-ending mc...started naturally, tried Cytotec (without results) to speed it along after a week of bleeding, and tomorrow I go in for a d&c. Emotionally, I think I've found a good place, but I'd love for my body to catch up.

    My favorite place in the US so far has been Rocky Mountain State Park, outside of Boulder. The vistas and the taïga were absolutely gorgeous!
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  • Hi Jillian,

    I am in a pretty similar situation although I never started naturally - took two rounds of Cytotec / Misoprostol and in the lucky group of  women who it doesn't work on. Let me know how the d&c goes - I think my doc will be recommending it.

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