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Bassinet, Pack n Play or Mini crib?

Hey there, FTM. So DH and I will be moving 2 months after I give birth (EDD6/16). Currently we live in a small house in San Diego, but will be moving into a larger place shortly after the baby is born. I don't want to buy a ton of redundant stuff, but I also don't want to be unprepared during the first few months and cross country drive. I'm obviously concerned about safety as well as convenience. I'm stuck between using a pack n play as a crib, small bassinet in our room or just getting a mini crib that we'd use until ready for a toddler bed. Thoughts? Also, I know I've got lots of time, but DH deploys soon and doesn't get back until right before my due date and I want him to be able to try stuff out in stores before he leaves. Thanks!
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Re: Bassinet, Pack n Play or Mini crib?

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