Wonder weeks / adjusted age?

I've read to use the due date for wonder weeks but have any of you noticed this to also be off? My son is 8 weeks but 2 weeks adjusted. It says we're still 2-3 weeks before our first wonder week but I feel like we went through it already. Just confused about the whole dates and age thing. I have no idea where my son is supposed to be developmentally.

Also do your LOs get their shots on a regular schedule or are they delayed at all due to their preemieness?

Re: Wonder weeks / adjusted age?

  • I've been confused about the wonder weeks too! My LO is a 34 weeker and so far her fussiness could be due to leaps 1 or 2, and 2 or 3 so I have no idea! For vaccinations, I got them based on her actual age - I figured that she would have been in public and around people for eg 6 weeks so should get her 6 week shots. Better safe than sorry...
  • Our ped said shots are based on actual age not adjusted age. The wonder week thing had me confused too but we seem to be pretty close to schedule based on their actual bday rather than due date as the app instructs you to do. I have twins though and one seems to be a couple weeks behind the other. They were born at 35 wks but dr says developmentally they are pretty close to term.
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  • We had a 30 week preemie that was right on schedule using due date with wonder weeks. Haven't Reached wonder week 5 with our current lo who was 4 weeks early yet.

    Shots will be given based on birth date.
  • You get shots based on actual age not corrected. Didn't follow wonder week stuff. But developmental milestones you go by corrected/due date age vs actual age
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