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Movie depression

Hey ladies, I am so sorry we are all here I hope we're slowly but surely getting better day by day. Me and my boyfriend just left the movies and we went and saw the The Peanuts movie. I realized after not even after actually right when we walked in to go to our seats that we shouldn't of. There was nothing but children and also babies there. I even had to sit next to a little boy and my boyfriend sat next to a little girl. It was so hard hearing there sweet little laughs during the whole movie. I think I get better day by day but then things like that get to me and I just wish the whole time I had a big belly while watching it that would have made me feel better. I'm so sad now. Sorry for acting like a baby that just really got to me and now we're driving home and that's all I'm thinking about :( Hugs and love to all you.

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  • Don't worry or feel like you're acting like a baby. You have the right to feel sad when you're reminded of the LO you lost. It is only normal. I can understand how you feel as I would feel the same. Right now, I'm trying to avoid situations like these and cut myself some slack if I get sad. We've been through a life-changing event, we're mommies that can't take their LOs to the movies because they're not with us. Be kind to yourself and don't feel bad if you need some time to get back into activities that involve kids or pregnancy, no matter how long that will be.

    For me, just spending time with my one-year-old niece last weekend was enough to make me feel like this. You're not alone.
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  • My husband and I just had a miscarriage yesterday and had to go on a Target run today for a few groceries.  I normally loved walking by the baby section to look at the cute outfits and things but today it killed me to be anywhere near it.  We walked way out of our way to avoid it and it still seems we saw every young child/infant and pregnant woman in the store.  With that being said I totally sympathize with you.  You're in my thoughts <3
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  • @Caitie81490 @AlwaysAuntNeverMom
    Thank you ladies so much for the kind and caring words, it really does help me get thru tough days knowing that i am not alone. I can relate to both of you also I have 2 little nieces and spending time with them makes me happy because I love them but also hard because I want my own baby. And also me and my partner would always go to babies R us and target to look at clothes and now even going by the store or in the store by the baby isle it is so hard. It seems like all I see now is pregnant women and babies and it's so hard. My heart goes out to y'all as well I am so sorry we are here. Prayers go to you that everything will get better for us soon and the pain will ease for us each day, and we are one step closer to our rainbow baby. Love to you ladies and thank you again for the kind words and making me feel understood and not alone.
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