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Let's meet up!

Hi everyone,
We keep talking about it so let's do it! For anyone, if you are in the area or ok to travel. Let's meet up on Sat. the 14th about 9ish (because baby). Location Paradise Cafe on Ray and 54th behind the Longhorn Steakhouse. Feel free to bring your partner, mum, friend, everyone is welcome. PM if you are going so I know who to look out for. See you there :)

Re: Let's meet up!

  • Is this going to be expectant moms or some moms with LO's? My son is 4 months and I live near Chandler/40th St, would love to meet up with some moms with babes around the same age, I don't have any mommy friends and work Mon-Fri so can't do the weekday morning mommy groups...
  • Of course, the best laid plans... was supposed to be in town this weekend but alas I have to head up North. If you guys end up doing another meet up let me know! 
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  • I say anyone is welcome expecting or already a mummy. My LO is 7 weeks and I would love to make some mummy friends in the area. Daddies are welcome too!
  • @allaire314 boo! Maybe we can plan the beginning of December weekend to meet up?
  • @owenredh4 - sounds perfect! We are actually in town every weekend in December except for Christmas! So excited to spend some time a home so we can do projects around the house finally!
  • I'm here if anyone else made it :)
  • How did this go? I had a volunteer event but I'd love to meet up if you plan another event! I'm expecting BTW
  • @Lusitano8 :( Sadly I think I may have been the only one.... I had a really yummy cookie and coffee though while LO hung out :) I'm going to organise another meet up for the 12th of December - I started a new thread. It would be great to see you there.
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