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First Birthday approaching!!

Hi there!

I'm new here, not usually online but wanted to connect with other moms who have babies born Dec 2014. My LO was born the 28th of Dec...JUST after Christmas & now that the first birthday is coming I'm starting to stress a little. My husband & I really don't want to do the 'huge party' thing.  But to have my immediate family, my husbands immediate family the baby's Godparents & a VERY few close friends would still be about 20-25 ppl & about 10 kids between friends/cousins..... I very much would like to avoid the whole renting a hall or restaurant scene. We live in an apt that just cannot accommodate that number & Grandparents can't really accommodate it either (Man do I wish we had our own house right about now!!!)  Thus far our only plan is to have a party in January so that our LO isn't lumped in with Christmas... does anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? Helpful advice?  How are you all handling birthdays that are on top of Christmas? TIA for anything helpful! :)

Re: First Birthday approaching!!

  • My daughter's birthday is the 16th. I have to work the weekend before and the weekend after is the weekend before Christmas when a lot of people are doing family Christmas get togethers. We decided to have her party the first weekend of December to avoid the busy holiday time as much as possible.
  • I don't live near a lot of family and I know very few people with kids. I decided to skip the party this year. I will make him a cake and the 5 or 6 family members that live nearby will sing him happy birthday. I decided to send out invitations for my faith and friends who don't live near me to partake in a time capsule I have been working on since my son was born. I asked for people to send notes with predictions, well wishes and any other thoughts they want to share with him. My son will receive his time capsule on his 21st birthday
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