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Where is everyone getting their home Dopplers from? What brand is best? I'm really interested in getting one... It might comfort my crazy mind :) or just drive me more crazy!

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  • I bought mine from It's a sonoline B. Was $38 and arrived within a week. I'm 15 weeks and still have a hard time finding my guy but my husband can find him for me quite easily on my right side.
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    I am borrowing a sonoline B from a friend. I couldn't find him until around 14 weeks and it was super easy to find him for 2 weeks. Then, I had trouble finding him again for a few weeks but could hear the sound of him kicking away from the Doppler. Now I don't use it as much because I can feel movements which is good enough for me.

    ETA: I am a plus size mom, so you may be able to find a heartbeat sooner.
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  • I have the Womb Music by Wusic from Amazon for $55 with Prime shipping. I was 10w6d when we first tried it and we were able to heat the little freight train HB. I use it with regular aloe gel and it seems to work well. It also has a cable so you can record the HB. We haven't tried it, but it's there. We've used it several times and have been able to find the HB each time. I promised myself I'd only use it once a week, but it's been more like 2-3. After my losses it's comforting to be able to check in every few days and calm my nerves.

    1: BFP 3/14/14; EDD 12/1/14; MMC with HB, D&C 5/8/14
    2: BFP 1/31/15; EDD 10/09/15; MMC with HB, Cytotec 3/16/15
    6/9/15 Diagnosed MTHFR Compound Heterozygous
    3. BFP 8/27/15; EDD 5/08/16

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  • Thank you ladies! I'm really looking forward to hearing my baby's heart beat! I'm going to have to order one... And when it comes in the mail my husband can be pleasantly surprised :)
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