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3rd Trimester

Remember to remove your rings!!!

Hi Ladies, just want to remind everyone to think about removing your rings. I woke up in the middle of the night with very swollen fingers and my rings stuck on. Took awhile to get them off and was painful.
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Re: Remember to remove your rings!!!

  • Good reminder. After my boss told me she had to have her ring cut off I made sure to check weekly to see how tight my ring was. I finally found it to be getting tight and switched to an older ring that is too big.
  • I guess an upside to getting married while pregnant is that my ring fits my swollen fingers. I know the rest of my rings (daughter's pride, birthstone, and promise rings) are way too tight now. I tried to wear them out to dinner with DH one night and my poor fingers had red marks around them after an hour or so.

    The downside is that my wedding ring will probably be too big after the swelling goes down.

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  • I am so scared of this so I take them off every night and I check them during the day. I know there maybe a point that I can't wear them at all.
  • I had to remove mine weeks ago. They are now on a chain around my neck


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  • My mom said that when she was pregnant with one of my older half siblings her ex husband had to cut off her wedding ring because it wouldn't come off due to the swelling. Yikes!
  • I had to have mine cut off when I was pregnant with DD1. Definitely not something I'd want anyone else to have to go through.
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  • I've never had to remove my rings for any of my pregnancies.  They pretty much stay the same size throughout. : )

    With my first two, I did have to stop wearing my watch and necklace.  But not my rings.  This one, I can wear everything.  

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  • My rings have been off since the beginning of the 2nd trimester!  I went engagemet ring shopping with my best friend and when the store offered to clean mine, I had so much trouble getting them off that I figured it was best to go ahead and leave them off!

    I felt so naked without them at first and to top it off my husband was deployed for the first 4 months, so being without them was really rough...I felt like the rings were the one thing that I had, that he gave me, and meant so much. It was hard to deal with not having him or my rings to hold on to!  Luckily I have my hubby back in my arms now and I'm crossing my fingers that I can wear the rings again a few weeks after our daughter arrives! :)

  • Also even if they fit through your whole pregnancy its a good idea to remove them when you go into labor because you will likely swell up from the iv fluids if your hospital gives them
  • I took mine off the other day just in case.

    Last time, I ended up needing a c-section and my ring was stuck on and they didn't know what to do! They end up putting tape around it. I don't think that they even could have cut it off because it's tungsten carbide. 

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  • On Friday I bought a cheap ring at the mall that looks similar to my wedding band in a bigger size because I just felt so weird not wearing my wedding ring. 
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  • I haven't been able to wear mine since the second trimester. I ended up getting super cheap "decoy rings" to wear since I don't like not wearing a wedding band. I'll be glad when I can wear my real rings again!!

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  • My OB saw I was wearing mine still around 6-7 months, and he said to me with half a smile "they only cry for a little while when I send them to the jeweller to be cut off".

    I took mine off that day and bought a $15 fake wedding ring.

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  • I have not had any swelling, yet but just to be safe, I took my off last week. 

    I had mine sized so it just fits and I never take it off but wanted to be better safe than sorry. 

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  • I wasn't having any problems with my rings until this weekend when I had a lot of trouble getting them off. I'm going to stop wearing them now so I don't have to get them cut if they get stuck again!
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  • I only wear my E-ring right now because my wedding band is too tight. I haven't slept with them on in years though (except for when I forget).  Even my e-ring is getting tight now so I might switch to my grandmother's engagement ring which is a bit bigger - I wore that through the last few weeks of my pg with DS.
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  • I haven't worn mine since the beginning of summer. So, maybe since June? Possibly earlier, I can't remember. It's been so humid here, it just wasn't possible anymore.
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  • I have been really lucky with not swelling, especially in the ridiculous heat here in Philly. But I finally had to take them off last week, especially my e-ring, the wedding band I can *just* manage to fit. A girl I work with had to have hers cut off last summer and she was so upset..I didn't want to have to go thru the same thing!

    I think next time I am at the mall I am going to buy a cheapie "diamond" maybe something that is NMS and just a fun piece of jewelry for the next month or so!

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  • Omg, this just happened to me this morning! I put it on and it was so tight and squeezing my finger, I couldn't get it off! I put all this lotion on it and it still wasn't coming off! It took me about 5-10min this morning to finally get it off. Made me so sad :( I just got it cleaned! lol


  • With my first pregnancy I took them off half way through.

    This time I cannot wear mine.  But my mom's fit me still so I wear hers.  (she went to dance with Jesus in Oct).  I do though take them off every night before bed because thats when I experience the most swelling.

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  • I'm still wearing mine, and plan to until delivery, my fingers have not got bigger.

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  • I lost about 40 lbs before getting pregnant and my rings were pretty loose.  I was going to get them re-sized, but decided against it (in case of pregnancy swelling).  I'm so glad I didn't because they they fit fine now.  I check them throughout the day to make sure they don't get too tight w/swelling, but so far so good.  I also never sleep with them on.

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  • Thanks for the tip.  I just took mine off and it was not easy.  And my finger is totally red.  I never thought of the possibility of having them cut off.  Yikes, glad I read this.
  • Mine still fit when I went into labor last time, but I took them off not wanting to wear them to the hospital. They then didn't fit for about 4-6 months after. Some women have their fluid shift later. So far it seems like it will be the same this time.

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  • Wore mine throughout my first pregnancy and problems at all.  34 weeks now and haven't needed to take them off either.  Not everyone gets swollen fingers.
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