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parenting philosophy : what's your parenting style?

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I'm a strong believer in attachment parenting and I'm always wondering about other philosophies and where they come from. anyway I came across this and it's just genius!!Every-parenting-philosophy-you-ever-heard-of-boiled-down-to-one-sentence/c1rfl/5620bfed0cf2c3576e611320

what kind of parenting style do you feel is best for you? 

Re: parenting philosophy : what's your parenting style?

  • I feel like I'm attachment parenting and free range :P
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  • More a mix of authoritative and free range. I don't like the sentence they picked for the latter though... Seriously? Hold the knife straighter? Come on bro.
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  • Survive to live another day is my parenting philosophy!  I use what works for each child, which can sometimes go the full spectrum in the course of a week.  One needs more authoritative structure and routine, the other, not so much. 
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  • Okay none of those. I like a lot the ideas behind French parenting (not on the list) but other than that, I'm just trying to be the best mom I can.
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