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Advice on girls name

My DH and I both like the name Lexie. I have a cousin who's daughter is Alexa...are the names too close? They call her Alexa and I've never heard anyone call her Lexie but wanted to get some neutral advice. My DH also loves the name Alessandra and possibly calling her Lexie for short...thoughts?

Re: Advice on girls name

  • Definitely Alessandra over Lexie.
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  • I don't care about what my cousins name their kids tbh. They are far enough removed in the scheme of life.

    I like Lexie. I am not a fan of Alessandra. I am a fan of Alexandra however, Lexie for short.
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  • I don't think they're too close. It would have to be the exact same name for me to rule out something a cousin used.

    And I like Alessandra.
  • I say Alessandra and use Lexie as a nn, that way she can choose which name to go by when she is an adult.
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  • I like Alessandra more than Lexie...just Lexie alone doesn't age well
  • It totally depends on how close you are with the cousin. In my family, that would be super weird, but that's because my cousins are like my brothers and sisters. Every family is different.
  • Alessandra 1000x over lexie

  • I love Alessandra. Lexie sounds much more like a nickname than a standalone name, so I'd go with a more formal name such as Alexis or Alexandra/ia with Lexie as a nn.
  • I like lexie as a stand alone name .
  • I really dislike Lexi as a given name especially since every single Lexi I have known has at some point gotten Sexy Lexi. Give a full name like Alessandra which is gorgeous and timeless.

  • Please give her a full name. Lexie is very cutesy and does not age well.

  • Give her a full name, so she has more options when she is an adult.

    Lexi is very limited.
  • Alexandra nn Lexie
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