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How long did it take you to notice a change in your babies relief when moving to a hypoallergenic formula? Our preemie was on neosure and having a terrible time in pain, passing gas, crying all day, poops that turned from constipation to dark green liquid, etc. we did a swallow study and were advised to thicken feeds and try ailmentum. This was Tuesday so we started Wednesday weaning him from neosure to ailmentum due to taste. Been on straight ailmentum since Thursday morning and he actually seems worse if that's even possible. Eating less, crying non stop now through the night too, not sleeping during the day now either. Still straining and tense. How long do we give this?! :( I feel so helpless and just want him to feel better

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  • Oh, that sounds so stressful! It sounds like you're working hard to take the best care possible of your little one!

    I don't have any personal experience with ailmentum to be able to have advice for you, I am sorry! I just wanted to let you know that this board really isn't that active, so I'm not sure that you're going to get any advice here.

    I will say that in your place I would be calling the pediatrician to discuss trying a different option. With daughter, the first formula we tried to supplement her with messed up her stomach pretty badly! (It was soy based.) It only took a couple of feedings off of that formula for her gas, etc to settle back down.

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    i will say this, my son would NOT drink the alimentum. We had to switch to Nutramagin and he's doing great now! It was almost instant. If you google alimentum, you'll get all these posters saying their kids wouldn't eat it. Wish i'd have known that before i added it 2 4 separate bottles of breastmilk to supplement. I had to toss it all because he wouldn't eat it. I was terrified my baby would starve because i mastisis and couldn't produce enough to fill him up, but he had a milk allergy. Nutramigen was a whole different ball game. 
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    We also had to switch to nutramigen. Noticed how bad alimentum was after a day and quit.

    Oh-old thread.
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