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Hi all! DH and I have been married 2 years, and have a beautiful fur baby that will make a wonderful big sister some day :). I've been off BC since Feb 2015, which I know is not a terribly long time for TTC standards... Except I have horrendously irregular cycles. Currently, AF last came in July and who knows when she'll decide to stop by again. I have had cycles like this since I first started menstrating, which is actually the reason I went on BC to begin with.

When I spoke with my dr in June about my concerns due to irregular cycles, he brushed me off and said "come in after you've been trying for 6 months and I'll give you something to make you ovulate". I feel dismissed, and would like to further evaluate if there is a medical issue that needs addressed before giving me ovulation meds.

Anyways, everyone around me is blessed with fertility. I swear every other member in my family just thinks about getting preggo and they're knocked up. I'm hoping to find some support and gain knowledge from other women out there struggling like me. For anyone with irregular cycles, how long did you wait before going to see the doc? DH and I have decided to seek medical intervention, im just feeling a little lost. I'm not sure if I should go back to the doctor who brushed me off in June, or scope out other options. I live in a small community, so my options are pretty limited if we stay close to home. Any thoughts? I'm always open to constructive criticism.

I look forward to getting to know you ladies through this journey.

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  • Welcome and Good luck.  I've found this board is very informative and a great group of ladies.
  • Is the doctor an OBGYN? You definitely don't want any medications before testing because lIke yousaid there may be othere reasons. If a doctor is willing to give you medication without then I would say to see someone else. I have been going to an OBGYN who did a lot of testing before prescribing provera and clomid. He also monitors me on Clomid which a lot do not. Most women here recommend seeing an RE and so if you are limited I would say see if you can find one.
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  • Hi I had the same type of cycles and was also put on birth control for the same reason. I stopped taking BC in May of 2013 and was seeing a naturopath at the time (stomach issues that had been going on for years, she balanced my stomach bacteria and bam no more stomach issues) and when I hadn't cycled by July she put me on a supplement called Femrebalance (along with some other things based on blood work e.g. Vitamin D). Anyway within a few weeks AF arrived and I have been cycling every month since. My cycles are still irregular but no more going months without a cycle. Good luck in your journey!
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  • Yes, he is an OBGYN.. which is why I was shocked that it would jump straight to "here's some medication" instead of searching for answers.

    @lablover78: That's wonderful! I hope you get your BFP soon with the help you've gotten. I'll have to look into if there are any in my area if my OBGYN doesn't help much. I think I've settled on making an appointment and seeing what he has to say again. I'm hoping that telling him my concerns will be enough to get testing done. Otherwise, I'm finding someone new.
  • @benten24 It's actually quite common for an OB to jump straight to Clomid without doing any testing first. Some people have stronger feelings on this than me. I'm not opposed to trying it a month or 2 before an HSG test or SA, especially when you don't have IF coverage. However, I know first hand the importance of being monitored with ultrasound and bloodwork. You want to see if it is working for you: growing follicles and not impacting your lining.
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    Clomid 50 mg + metformin 4/15 (unmonitored) - BFN 
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    6/15 HSG - clear tubes & normal uterus; great PCT test results
    TI - 100 mg Clomid + prometrium (AM & PM) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 6-7/15 (monitored) --> no additional response and thinned lining - BFN
    TI - Injectables (follistim + Gonal-F, Ganirelix, & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 9/15 --> 3-7 mature follicles (3 definites and 4+ that could have matured due to trigger) @ O -->BFN + 5 large cysts
    BC for 2 weeks due to cysts
    TI - Injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & full dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 10/15 --> 1 mature follicle --> BFN 
    TI - Last attempt at injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + crinone (AM only) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 11/15 --> 3-4 mature follicles --> BFP!! 11/27/15 @ 13dpo (shockingly, actually waited until then to test)

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  • Since you have a history of irregular cycles, you can be seen for treatment right away. The whole "wait a year" thing applies to healthy couples with regular cycles and normal functioning bits. There are some tests he can do in the meantime before jumping into treatment. Bloodwork and internal US seem to be the basic staples. They can look to see if you have insulin resistance or anything off with your hormones as well as check into how your ovaries and uterus look. I was in the same position and ultimately ended up being diagnosed with PCOS and my obgyn wanted to jump right into treatment. Totally normal! Just make sure they monitor before O to keep track of follies. You don't want to be the next Jon and Kate :)
  • @CopperLane that is exactly DH's concern with me taking tx! His cousin just had twins, and he's nervous that will happen to us if I do any sort of tx. I called the other day to set up an appointment with the OBGYN, it's going to be Nov 4, so these next few weeks are going to drag by. Guess we shall see what happens, I'm hoping for support right away and not being brushed off by him :/
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