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Kinda out there name but opinions needed

Hubby and I are going back and forth on girl names and have possibly decided on this one.

Evelyn Indie Kate (2 middle names)

A classic first name with a more unique mn so she can use it if she wants or drop it completely and just do Evelyn Kate. Thoughts from you wonderful ladies!

Re: Kinda out there name but opinions needed

  • I have 2 middle names and I like it a lot gives me room to play and change up my name sometimes I say go for it. I really like indie
  • I think it's pretty. I think if you like the 2 middle names go for it. It's not like you'll be calling her by her full name all the time anyways.
  • thank you guys for your thoughts! She is due in Dec. so not too much time left.
  • I'm not a big fan of two middle names, especialky if there isn't some family significance attached. Just makes things complicated for no reason. I would just use Evelyn Indie. I think it's cute and you can definitely get away with a quirky mn.
  • Not a fan of the two middles names, either.

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  • I agree that I probably wouldn't do 2 middle names.  I have 2 middle names and most of the time it's fine (esp since they are both short).  But there are some places that won't allow you to register with 2 middle names, so I can never remember where I have 1 middle name, 1 middle initial, 2 middle names or 2 middle initials.  Usually it's not that big of a deal.  I think I have brought this up before, but one of the reasons I didn't change my name after marriage is because I already have 4 names and didn't want to drop one.  One of my middle names is my mom's last name though.

    But I digress.  My recommendation would be to stick with one.  If she doesn't like Indie, she will just use an I.  Middle names aren't used that often.

  • Ok that does bring up a good point with the two middle names.  Our first daughter has 2 middles names and have seen it messed up a few times already. No family ties to the middle names so one will be fine.
  • Drop the kate no need for 2 middle names

  • I definitely like the name, I'm not a huge fan of two middle names.

    That being said, this name is cute and certainly not that out there compared to things we've heard before!
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    I have 2 middle names and love it!! I really want to give my baby 2 middle names as well. It does not cause any problems.

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  • My step daughter had a two part first name with only one middle. Sadly she seriously hates it and it doesnt help that her mother spelled her common first name wrong.
    Most people treat her like she has two middle names and she has given up fighting it.
    Im not super for two middle names, or even a need for one. I dont have one, mostly because my mom was super traditional. Despite all that I have also considered two middle names for our first daughter. Elizabeth Maryl Joan, in honor of lots of family members.
    It could totally work it just comes down to you preference. You also need to be okay with most forms only ever allowing her one.
  • I like it and I don't think it's out there. I wouldn't use 2 middle names but I do not side eye those who do.
  • Evelyn Kate. I dislike double middle names.
  • I'd be okay with two middle names, but not Indie Kate. It sounds like "indicate."  Plus, to me, Kate is nn, not a name by itself.

    I think Evelyn Indie sounds lovely. I'd just go with that. Your daughter will already have some freedom to choose between a classic first name and a more 'out there" mn, so I don't see the need for Kate unless it's a family name.
  • Indie and Kate are both nicknames.

    Evelyn Indie Kate sounds choppy and like you've just tacked a bunch of names together.

    She'll already have choices with Evelyn (Eve, Evie, Lyn, Ev), so I would pick one middle name.
  • Evelyn and Kate are very classic beautiful names and Indie is more edgy and trendy. I like all three names and I could see Indie paired with one of the other names, but squished between them it just seems out of place and awkward. I would choose Evelyn Indie or Evelyn Kate and save the tossed name for another child. Of the two I think Evelyn Kate sounds the best. Two middle names don't bother me, but these two together do.

    I also don't really get why parents add in names with the idea that their kids can later drop them or switch them around. It's kind of like - well we couldn't make up our minds so we just threw a bunch of names in there and the kid can figure it out later. 

  • I also don't like double MNs

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  • I pretty much like every form of the name (EIK, EI, EK). I have a friend with 3 MNs and he loves it (as do I).

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  • I have a double middle name and ofte the second one gets dropped out of necessity.
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