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Another spelling post.

cglr2012cglr2012 member
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What do you all think is better looking for my little boy name :

Kase William or Kace William ? (Pronounced case)
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Re: Another spelling post.

  • Neither.
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  • Nope.  Not a fan of either.

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  • Yeah, no. William Case is as far as I'd go with this one.
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  • I don't like either, but if you're really set on it, I like Kase way better than Kace
  • At first thought I saw Kace as Kacey and though you were trying to spell it differently. Do your son a favor and spell his name Case. Although it's nms, it's better than Kase or Kace.
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  • Yeah, no. William Case is as far as I'd go with this one.


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  • Case, if you must. Kase looks like a misspell an I read Kace pronounced like Casey.



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  • klirwin82klirwin82 member
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    ETA: spelling a male hard C name with a K is overly weird IMO. Too effeminate. Kristopher instead of Christopher? No. Usually those K instead of C names are for girls, like Kacey = girl, Casey = boy.
  • I'm also for Case vs Kase. But, if you MUST have the K (which I also agree I think its not good for a boys name), then Kase
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  • Another vote for William Case
  • I like the idea of Casey. Casey William is cute.
  • Let me add, Kase is German means cheese. Don't do it.
  • Not a fan of either to be honest. How about William Casey?


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  • I agree with PP re: Kase = Cheese in German.  It's all I think of when I see that.

    Go with Case, or Casey.

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  • cglr2012 said:
    What do you all think is better looking for my little boy name : Kase William or Kace William ? (Pronounced case)
    You aren't asking opinions on the name, so I'll refrain from that.  To answer your question specifically, I'd go with Kace.
  • I don't understand what it is about the English speaking culture right now that mistakes the inability to spell with good taste. 

    I'm not trying to be a jerk but it's not fair to your kid. 

    Case is not my style AT ALL but it's not my baby. And if you like the name, please spell it the way it is meant to be spelled. It's not unique or even pretentious. It's just weird that parents would knowingly apply illiteracy to their child's name. I will never understand it. 
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