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My 12 month old REFUSES to nap!

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So within the past week, my dd has decided that she no longer wants to take naps... At all! She usually takes her naps around 9am and 1pm, and bedtime at 6:30pm. I am weaning her off the breast, and it has been going well. I would read to her and rock her a bit then she would nap. Now this week she is so exhausted and she will not lay down in her crib. I have tried everything from reading and rocking, CIO for 1 hr, nursing, Ferber, laying down w her, etc. NOTHING works :( She is so tired, but once I lay her down she immediately stands right up! She is way too young to give up naps altogether, but I am at a loss on how to get her to lay down and nap. I would even settle for one nap at this point. Please help! Any advice would be helpful.

Re: My 12 month old REFUSES to nap!

  • This is a bad habit, but whenever I lay my daughter down I give her a bottle or sippy cup with some cold water. She's teething so the coldness of the water soothes her to sleep.
  • My LO went through the same thing around 11.5 months. I was stressed and thought he was ready to give up his 2nd nap. It was a separation anxiety phase he went through that lasted about 2 weeks. We did a lot of rocking that week to get him to sleep. He's back to normal now with 2 naps a day and sleeping on his own but those 2 weeks were terrible! I feel you!
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