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11 month old scared of men's mouths??

Hello everyone! I usually don't post but I could not find any info on what has been happening to my daughter the past few weeks, so I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone has gone through this too. So a few weeks ago my husband was playing with my daughter and playfully took her pacifier out of her mouth. He has done this a million times before and she loves it and thinks it is hilarious. This time, however she lost it and cried harder than I ever saw her cry before, she was almost hyperventilating! She calmed down within a few minutes and went back to playing and laughing with my husband. This has happened a few times, with my husband again, and with both grandfathers. It all happened after they somehow interacted with her with their mouths ( kissing her hand or finger, touching the pacifier, etc). It has never happened with me, my mom or mother in law. I could pull her pacifier out a hundred times without her getting upset. It took a few times of it happening before we figured out it had to be related to my husband's mouth. One time he took a sip from a straw while holding her and that's set her off! Anyone out there experience anything like this??
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